Friday, February 23, 2018

Woman claims beating over dog


CANE IN COURT: Devi Singh outside the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court yesterday. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

Mark Fraser

 A PENSIONER, who allegedly beat a woman with a piece of wood during an argument over a dog, was yesterday warned that neither he nor his relatives and friends are to communicate with the alleged victim, a businesswoman.

Sonnyboy Choon, 68, a heart patient, was not called upon to plea to the charge that he caused grievous bodily harm to Devi Singh, 32, in Debe last Thursday.

Singh came to court yesterday with a bandage around her head and a swollen, right eye. She walked with a cane.

The Express was told she was bitten by a dog on the right leg.

Following the matter she was assisted out of the courthouse by Constable Raju Ramsankar, the charging officer.

He carried a broken piece of wood which was allegedly used in the attack.

Choon appeared before Magistrate Margaret Alert in the San Fernando Fourth Court.

Defence attorney El Farouk Hosein said Choon, who appeared in court with a piece of cotton taped to his left hand, was a heart patient.

The police made no objection to bail being granted but asked that the defendant have no contact with Singh.

The court was told that Choon and Singh lived one house away from each other.

Alert imposed the condition that Choon stay 50 feet away from Singh. Choon was placed on $50,000 bail.

Choon was told to have no communication directly or indirectly with Singh until the matter is completed.

That, Alert said, includes speaking to her or sending her messages, including text messages, or having his family members or friends communicating and messaging her.

The matter was transferred to the First Court for next Monday.

It is alleged Singh was beaten in the road after she told Choon about his dogs being on her property.                               —NBB