Sunday, February 25, 2018

Woman pleads guilty to assault on ex-husband



Mark Fraser

HOMEMAKER Linda Zilla yesterday admitted to a cutlass attack on her former husband before the San Fernando Criminal Court.

The mother of three was jointly charged with Mukesh Gosine with wounding Mohanlal Kungilal with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.

After Zilla’s guilty plea yesterday, State attorney Angelica Teelucksingh told Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas that, on September 3, 2005, Mohanlal Kungilal was at the Penal home of his brother Moti Kungilal.

Moti Kungilal called Zilla and enquired whether his step-son was at her home. After being told that he was there, Moti Kungilal told her to bring him home. Teelucksingh said the boy had gone there without permission on more than one occasion. A short while later a car pulled up.

The State attorney said Zilla and a man named Roy came out and Roy ran up to Moti Kungilal and braced him against the wall with a three-feet piece of wood.

Teelucksingh said: “While the victim’s back was turned, the prisoner (Zilla) and another man approached the victim, each with cutlasses.”

Zilla told him: “Ah hear anywhere you see meh, you will beat meh. Look ah here now.” 

Kungilal, Teelucksingh said, responded: “Woman not me and you.”

The other man who was with Zilla struck Mohanlal Kungilal with the flat side of the cutlass (planass) on his left leg. While he was trying to prevent the man from hitting him again, Zilla struck him with the sharp side of the cutlass on the right arm and then to the right side of the face. The other man then planassed Mohanlal Kungilal on the left hand.

Zilla told him: “I had that for you for a long time for taking so much blood from me.”

Kungilal was taken to San Fernando General Hospital by ambulance.

Const Sookraj later took a report from him.

Zilla was later met at Penal Police Station. She was cautioned and told Sookraj: “Officer, I did not mean to chop him. I only wanted to planass him.”

Zilla did not give the officer a statement but took the police to her home where she retrieved the cutlasses. She told the police that the larger one was hers. Yesterday, Kungilal’s medical report was tendered into evidence. 

Defence attorney Saira Lakhan requested a probation officer’s report be submitted before sentence is imposed.

Zilla, 41, of Penal, who has two children with Mohanlal Kungilal, is on $25,000 bail.

She will return to court on Monday when Gosine’s attorneys are expected to address the court. He is being represented by attorney Shawn Roopnarine and Summer Sandy.