Friday, February 23, 2018

Woman delivers baby in family car


Quick delivery: Kalifa Waldropt holds her newborn yesterday.

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A woman delivered a baby girl in the family car while it was parked on the compound of the Fyzabad Police Station yesterday.

Kalifa Waldropt, 30, of Ramatally Park, Fyzabad, was being driven to the San Fernando General Hospital when her labour pains worsened.

Her husband, Daryl Waldropt, drove to the police station for assistance shortly after midnight.

The baby was due on December 27, he said.

"I went to the police and they helped us out. She had the baby right there," he said.

The couple have a one-year-old daughter named Kayla.

The mother and baby were taken to the Siparia Health Centre and transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital. The parents have not yet agreed on a name for the baby girl.

Daryl Waldropt's mother, Cheryl Ann Waldropt, said: "When I came home around 7 p.m., my son told me Kalifa was having labour pains. We waited a while and then the contractions were closer.

"We packed a bag for the older child to drop her off by the other grandparents. We drop her off and were heading to the San Fernando hospital, when Kalifa said she felt the baby coming. We decided to go to Siparia Health Centre, but she said she wouldn't make it.

"We drove into the station, and that was the best move ever."

Waldropt, 54, said she assisted in delivering her grand-daughter.

"Kalifa was in the front seat and I opened the door to get her out to go inside the police station, but the baby was coming. I held on to the baby's shoulder as she came out. The police was coaching me. I can't believe I delivered my grand-baby," she said.

Waldropt said the officers escorted the family's car to the Siparia Health Facility, where nurses were awaiting their arrival.

"I saw a side of the police I never knew existed. They were remarkable. They were so caring and gentle. I couldn't believe how the female officer was hugging and congratulating me. The men were also congratulating my son," she said.

The baby's grandfather, Pastor Stephen Waldropt of the Fyzabad Open Bible Church, said he too was satisfied with the officers' response.

Sergeant Deosaran, police constables Badree, Jumadin and woman police constables Nakhid, Gosine and Ramjattan were on duty at the Fyzabad police station when the family, and baby, arrived.