Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Woman's decapitated body found


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THE decapitated and partially-burnt body of a Colombian woman was found on Wednesday evening in a forested area in Longdenville, Chaguanas.

Officers said they did not know why the woman was killed, but stated that who ever carried out the ghastly act "wanted to send a message".

The body of 36-year-old Ingrid Balbosa was found by a party of officers attached to the Chaguanas Criminal Investigations Department (CID), led by Supt Johnny Abraham and Insp Wayne Lawrence.

"We do not know why she was killed but if someone cut off her head and hands and then tried to burn her body, then we can say that who ever did it wanted to send a message," said one officer.

Balbosa, who police said lived at Diamond Vale, Diego Martin, was said to have moved to this country from Colombia several years ago. She was reported missing some time last week said police.

Investigators said at around 4.30 p.m., they went to Red Brick Road, off Depot Road, and carried out a search of the area based on information they had received.

The officers said they followed a foul stench and later came upon the woman's decomposing body which was clad only in a pair of blue jeans and black sandals.

Following a further search of the area, police said they located Balbosa's head a short distance from where her body was found.

Some three hours after the discovery was made undertakers removed the woman's body from the forested area and carried it to the Forensic Science Centre at Federation Park, St James, for an autopsy to be performed.

When the Express visited the Forensic Centre yesterday, none of the families there said they were related to the woman.

The murder toll stood at 305 up to press time last night, according to an Express tally.