Friday, January 19, 2018

You are 'dotish' to curse police

Magistrate fines man $2,700:

EVERTON MOSES was yesterday chastised for engaging in "dotishness" when he cursed police officers and interrupted them while they were doing their jobs.

It was around 2.15 p.m. on Christmas Eve that Constable Ganesh Ramnanan was on mobile patrol with other police officers when they stopped a green Ford pick-up along Sooknanan Street, Marabella.

Moses was a front- seat passenger in the vehicle.

While the policemen were speaking to the driver of the van over a traffic offence, Moses came out the vehicle and shouted: "Allyuh is imps police."

He cursed the officers several times saying he did not care about them and they could do him nothing.

When he was told of the offence of using obscene language and Ramnanan held onto his right hand, Moses violently pulled away, police prosecutor Sergeant Wendy Williams said.

He was charged at the Marabella Police Station with cursing and resisting Ramnanan in the execution of his duties.

Before the San Fernando Magistrates' Court yesterday, Moses, 32, of Marabella, said he only cursed the officers once and he was drunk at the time.

But Magistrate Margaret Alert told him alcohol was only part of the problem. The real issue, she said, was his attitude toward those in authority.

"You watch, see the police and curse the police, that's dotishness (stupidness)... Don't you think the police are entitled to do their work without being interfered with or harassed?" Alert said.

She told the mason that even his demeanour before her gave an insight into his behaviour in public.

Moses, a father of two, admitted that he had a previous matter before the court for fighting but it had been "thrown out".

Alert fined Moses $2,500 for resisting arrest.

He was given 28 days to pay the money or face three months doing hard labour.

For the offence of obscene language, Moses was ordered to pay $200 immediately or face two weeks of simple imprisonment.

He was told to set a better example for his children and his 13 siblings.