Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Young cop gets a court blowout

A police constable with four months' service was yesterday scolded for not following a magistrate's order.

The constable was asked on Monday by San Fernando Magistrate Annette McKenzie to source some evidence in a malicious wounding matter and return to court.

However, the officer only returned yesterday and was asked why he did not return the same day.

The constable told McKenzie he hadn't eaten for eight hours and he "was feeling dizzy".

Magistrate McKenzie said "He did not eat for eight hours and he feel dizzy. There are persons who haven't eaten for 19 days and they are up and talking strong."

The constable told the magistrate he did not think it was going to cause a problem, so he did not inform the prosecutor that he would not be returning on Monday.

McKenzie said: "What do you think the court is doing here? You are out of training since August and treating the court with disrespect. He is as green as they come and he is already treating the court with disrespect. I do not believe you were feeling ill. You just decide you want to be disrespectful.

"This is an example of the Police Service. You were disrespectful and did not want to bring the disclosure. Four months and already you have bad habits."

The wounding matter was fixed for trial for May 9, 2013.