Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Zaheer's condition 'getting worse'


MYSTERY ILLNESS: Zaheer Seepersad

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For the past three years, Zaheer Seepersad has had the same New Year's wish.

He wants to be able to travel to Miami, Florida, in the United States for medical treatment.

The 25-year-old unemployed man, who is being cared for by his parents, is bedridden—struck down by an illness that remains undiagnosed.

His story was first highlighted in the Express in July 2010.

Since then, the family has been able to raise approximately $354,000 for tests and treatment. The State donated $63,000, the maximum amount that can be given through the Ministry of Health's Medical Aid Fund.

Seepersad's mother, Wahida Seepersad, 53, said the family wrote additional letters to the Health Ministry asking for further assistance.

She thanked those who gave already.

Seepersad, who lives at Enterprise, Chaguanas, does not qualify for the Children's Life Fund because of his age.

He is in need of $600,000 for the evaluation treatment abroad.

Seepersad has been making arrangements for the past two years to have the treatment and tests done at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. But as he waits for sufficient funds to be donated, his health is failing each day.

Seepersad said in 2011: "The most important thing right now is to get be healthy. I cannot watch TV. I have to lie down all the time. I cannot walk around and everybody has to do everything for me. I also want to eat normal sandwiches. I cannot even eat that."

On Wednesday, Seepersad said his physical situation has worsened since then.

"Things are not good...nothing has changed. The situation is just getting worse. I just wish that I will be able to go for the treatment this year."

The former Holy Cross College, Arima, pupil was forced to drop out of school in Fourth Form after experiencing an abnormal curving of the spine.

He said, at age 15, while lifting weights, he began to feel pain. Several local and international medical specialists were consulted, but they could not determine the cause.

Anyone willing to assist Seepersad can call 672-3677 or 484-1253. An account has also been set up at the Chaguanas branch of RBTT Bank.

The account number is 100-006-174-801-083.