Thursday, January 18, 2018

$200 increase in Disability Assistance Grant

ACTING president of the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter of Disabled Peoples' International (TTDPI) Michael Fraser says the organisation is pleased that Government has fulfilled its promise to increase the Disability Assistance Grant.

"We are happy about it and the community is happy," he said in a telephone interview.

He was responding to a release yesterday from the Ministry of the People and Social Development which stated that grant recipients will be receiving a $200 increase from this month.

The increases for February and March will be paid out retroactively in April.

The ministry stated that with the changes to the Public Assistance Act there will be an increase in the grant from $1,300 to $1,500 effective February 2013.

The ministry also noted that for the month of April beneficiaries will receive $1,500 plus $400 as arrears for the months of February and March for a total of $1,900. From May beneficiaries will receive $1,500 monthly for their disability assistance payments.

Fraser, also president of North American Caribbean Region of TTDPI, said they were happy the promise came into fruition.

"(The grant) will be a lot easier for those who don't have any other means of incomes," he said.

He noted that the retroactive payment was also a plus as it gave recipients something to look forward to.

He stressed, however, that it would not solve the problems of the community which required more than charity and assistance. He said it was about ensuring that the community had an equal space and was given equal opportunities.