Wednesday, January 17, 2018

'Cool' man stabbed friend to death, says witness

"I cool. I cool. I cool."

These were the words allegedly spoken by murder accused Shadelle Duncan before he allegedly stabbed his 19-year-old friend Roger Brizal five years ago.

The evidence was heard yesterday by Justice Geoffrey Henderson and a 12-member jury in the Port of Spain High Court.

State witness Adrian Thompson told the court that the incident occurred on November 2, 2005 while he, Duncan, Brizal, Wendell Oliver and Adanna Skerritt were at the corner of Eastern Main Road and Waterloo Road, Arouca.

Thompson said an argument had erupted between Brizal and Duncan who is now 25. He said Oliver attempted to restrain Duncan who had a knife in his possession.

Duncan, Thompson said, without warning, "just lunged towards Roger".

"He went mad like a wild animal," Duncan testified.

Leading evidence on behalf of the State is attorney Brent Winter while Duncan is being represented by attorneys Wayne Sturge and Hasine Sheik.

The trial continues today.