Friday, January 19, 2018

'Enchanted Witches' in lead for Queen title tonight


junior winner: "Platinum" from the band The Colours of Jewels, Gems and Precious Metals portrayed by Ryan Sooknanan copped the first prize in the Junior King of Carnival competition at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Friday night. —Photo: ISHMAEL SALANDY

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Roxanne Omalo put on a magical display which dominated the semifinal round of the National Carnival Queens competition on Friday night at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, to lead the ten queens vying for the 2012 Queen of Carnival title at tonight's Dimanche Gras competition at the Savannah.

Portraying "The Last Dance Of The Enchanted Witches", from Goodhope Association's presentation, Dance Dance Dance, Omalo amassed 440 points to top the standings.

Her portrayal represents two enchanted witches, one in purple and gold and the other in blue and gold, performing their last ritual dance as they are about to enter the portal of immortality

Omalo's entrance on a dimly lit stage with smoke emanating from the costume for special effects not only pleased the modest audience, but the judges as well.

Placing second with 424 points was Avernell Johnson, who portrayed "Princess Odette-Queen Of The Swans" from the presentation The Golden Years by the band Trini Revellers, while Rose Marie Jagessar earned 423 points to take third spot for her presentation titled, "Wachiwi–I Dream of a Bustle Dancer" from Lionel Jagessar & Associates' Festival of Nations.

Preliminaries leader Charisse Bovell who portrayed "Mother Of Humanity—The Weeping Madonna" from Brian MacFarlane's Sanctification—In Search Of, but presented by The Art Factory, could only muster 397 points to cop ninth place.

Ryan Sooknannan paraded his way to the 2012 National Junior King of Carnival crown with his presentation of "Platinum" from the band The Colours of Jewels, Gems and Precious Metals, at the Queen's Park Savannah on Friday.

Sooknannan, 11, who collected 409 points for seventh position in the first round of competition, amassed 441 points on the night to finish ahead of Swayne Taylor's portrayal "Sanctus Spiritus – The Holy Spirit" (432) from the band Guess What, and "The Glory of Pan" (428) portrayed by Gyasi Philbert, from Rosalind Gabriel's presentation 50 Years G-Old.

His costume of shimmering silver foils and lamae which glittered in the lights represents the lustrous silvery white colour of platinum, one of the earth's rarest natural elements.

The night was incident free as each queen and king paraded in their splendour before the judges.