Sunday, January 21, 2018

'Express' tops all in readership

MFO survey shows paper holding 53% of market


Proud CEO: Shida Bolai

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The Express continues to grow and remains the number one choice of readers seven days a week, according to the latest Market Facts and Opinions (MFO) survey.

The result consolidates a trend of high performance by One Caribbean Media (OCM), which captured the largest audiences in print, television and radio in this year's survey.

OCM is the parent company of Caribbean Communications Network (CCN), which owns the Express and TV6.

CCN's chief executive officer Shida Bolai has called the feat an "historic achievement" of which she was proud. She thanked the staff, readers, viewers of TV6 and advertisers for their support and for believing in the media group.

She also reinforced that the media group would continue to uphold its editorial principles and operational guidelines as it continues to deliver the news fearlessly and independently.

The 2012 MFO survey, conducted between March 23 and March 29, was commissioned by the Advertising Agencies Association of Trinidad and Tobago to gauge the media consumption habits of the national audience.

The survey found that one in every two persons—or 53 per cent of those surveyed—reads the Express Monday to Friday, up from 47 per cent in the last MFO survey in 2009.

The Express was the only daily newspaper to gain readership in the last three years.

Newsday has the second largest readership on weekdays at 32 per cent—a decline of four percentage points—while the weekday readership of the Guardian decreased by two percentage points to 15 per cent.

An 11 per cent increase in readership puts the Saturday Express ahead of other weekend newspapers, capturing 52 per cent of the total national readership.

The Sunday Express maintained its dominance, attracting 53 per cent of readers. Sunday Newsday was the closest competitor at a distant 24 percentage points behind.

Overall, the Express dominates in all age groups, with the lion's share of the readership—60 per cent—in the 15- to 19-year-old demographic.

OCM also commands the largest viewing audience, with TV6 airing nine of the top ten programmes on television.

The TV6 News was ranked as the number one programme on television.

Crime Watch, hosted by Ian Alleyne, and the TV6 Weekend News were rated the second and third most popular programmes respectively.

On the airwaves, talk radio station i95.5 has outranked its competitors with an estimated 11 per cent of the listening audience.

The station was one of three previously owned by the Citadel Group, which was acquired by OCM in March.

In what the MFO survey found was a segmented radio market that is increasingly evolving into niche audiences, talk show hosts Dale Enoch and Tony Lee lead the morning primetime slots between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m, while another OCM station—Red 96.7—attracted the most listeners in the peak afternoon period of 3 p.m to 6 p.m.

A sample size of approximately 700 people was used in the survey to represent the estimated 963,000 people who comprise the national audience ages 15 years and older.

The survey's margin of error is 3.5 per cent.

Results of the 2012 MFO survey

for daily newspapers:

Monday to Friday

2012 2009

Express 53% 47%

Newsday 32% 36%

Guardian 15% 17%


2012 2009

Express 53% 48%

Newsday 29% 32%

Guardian 18% 20%


2012 2009

Express 52% 41%

Newsday 30% 38%

Guardian 18% 21%