Wednesday, February 21, 2018

'Goodbye Song' for DJ Quan


Gyron Quan. —Photo: WAYNE BOWMAN

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FINAL LOOK: Gyron Quan's mother Brenda, and sister Kimlyn, view his body following the funeral service at the Bethel Outreach Ministries Church, Arima.—Photo: WAYNE BOWMAN

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There was a lot of laughter and some tears at the funeral yesterday for radio DJ/singer/actor, Gyron Quan who was killed in a vehicular accident last Friday.

His best friend, Nixon Prescott, got the mourners laughing as he shared some of the hilarious statements Quan would make and his offbeat antics that would often have Prescott shaking his head in wonderment.

Prescott then sang a song he composed for Quan he called, "The Goodbye Song" that had the people in the Bethel Outreach Ministries Church, Bethel Avenue, Arima up on their feet dancing with hands waving. This, in a nutshell, summed up who Quan was.

A young man who loved life, adored people and enjoyed laughter. The common thread in all tributes to him during the service was his passion for peace and for people to know God.

Quan's cousin, Stacy Green, delivered the eulogy and said Quan was born on November 12, 1977 to Brenda and Phillip Quan. He was ten pounds at birth, which Green laughingly said was a clear indication of his love for food. Quan, she said, was reading fluently by the time he was four years old and had a very special bond with his mother.

He also had a favourite aunt named Maureen who he nicknamed, Polly. His most frequent question to his aunt was, "Polly, you have any food?"

Green spoke of Quan's ability to manipulate his voice to sound like anyone he wished and of how he would sing like Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton and even Garnet Silk. Green said rather than wave to his neighbours as he passed by, Quan would hold up the peace sign, keeping it up until he was out of sight.

Anthony "Chinese Laundry" Chow Lin On, Quan's boss at 96.1WEFM said Quan was, "The ultimate team player. You could never get vex with Small Quan. We thank him for his talent, which he shared with all of us."

Also present were other DJs from WEFM including Kevon "Umba" Antoine as well as the producers and members of the movie, I Am Santana in which Quan voiced the character Raj.

Following the service there was a procession to the popular Bailey's Bar in Arima where Quan's parents had lived.

Quan's family and friends socialised there until it was time to go to the crematorium at Allen's Funeral Home where he was cremated later in the evening.