Wednesday, February 21, 2018

'He needs counselling'

ACTIVIST Wayne Kublalsingh's outburst on Monday is a clear indication his family needs to counsel him on his actions, says Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan.

Kublalsingh, head of the Highway Re-Route Movement, hurled obscenities at Khan on Monday, demanding Khan leave when he visited him (Kublalsingh) outside the Office of the Prime Minister on Monday.

Khan was the only Government official to meet with the group since Kublalsingh began his hunger strike to highlight his disapproval of Government's plans to proceed with the Debe-to-Mon Desir section of the Pt Fortin Highway.

Speaking to reporters at the launch of World AIDS Day at the Ministry of Health's head office yesterday, Khan said, "in light of what occurred (on Monday), it has brought to light the need for the family to really speak to Mr Kublalsingh and try some form of different mediation because, at the end of day, we need to go forward".

He further added that he would "definitely not" be pressing charges against Kublalsingh for verbally assaulting him because he does not "think he meant it".

Khan, a urological surgeon by profession, said he informed Kublalsingh's family to look for signs of deliriousness and dehydration as a result of his hunger strike, and to utilise the ambulance with emergency medical technicians in the advent something happens.

"I told them to look for mental confusion... as a result of dehydration and fainting spells and the decrease in body mass, the decrease in urine output that is very important because if there is a decrease in urine output your kidneys could shut down.

"But I was watching him yesterday and he looks pretty strong, so I think he is doing quite well," he said.

Asked whether he felt Kublalsingh's outburst was a sign of mental confusion, Khan said foul language was a norm and at "the end of the day, it makes no difference".

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