Wednesday, January 24, 2018

'He's teamed up with the PNM'

MINISTER of Housing and Member of Parliament for Oropouche East Roodal Moonilal said he expects the hunger strike being undertaken by Dr Wayne Kublalsingh to turn into a violent attack against the People's Partnership Government.

And he accused Kublalsingh of acting with family support.

Speaking at the United National Congress's Monday-night forum in Debe, Moonilal said Kublalsingh had teamed up with the People's National Movement (PNM).

"We must keep an eye on this family. Something is not right. And you think that what they do this week is bad, but they have gone into radical expressions. And you know this is not the last expression. There is one after this. The next radical expression is violence. And have you seen Rowley with his chops hanging out, he is circling like a vulture. The PNM has always had violence as a political option. Watch that Kublalsingh is now in bed with the PNM and they may seek to perpetrate violence in this society to stop the development of the highway in your area," he said.

Moonilal questioned why a mother would sit and watch her son suffer and not intervene.

"(Kublalsingh) is encouraged by his entire family. There is something surreal about every member of this family. They coming on (television) every morning, a different member of the family saying we support him. The family appears to be a cult. In our culture, our mother is the representative of God on earth, that is why we bow to mother. She takes care of you, go through the pain of bringing you into the world. Today a man is arrested for the most heinous crime, murder, the mother comes out to defend her child to say he's innocent.

"You know that mother (Vilma) sits down in Port of Spain next to the that boy lying down on four Ramayan chairs and that woman will not intervene to save the life of her son. What kind of parents are we dealing with? What kind of children is that?"

Moonilal challenged Kublalsingh to take his fight to the election polls in the upcoming Local Government election. "Put up your name as a candidate. If he want to fight, come and fight, don't sit and starve yourself in Port of Spain for a set of political vultures to come around you," he said.

Moonilal said Kublalsingh and the Highway Re-Route Movement have embarrassed Government ministers who have attempted to speak with them on the issue.

He reminded the public that Kublalsingh instructed his family to ensure he does not die. "This man has given instructions to his family to make sure he don't die. He want to crawl to the grave, but don't want to jump in. I want to tell you tonight, Wayne Kublalsingh is a fraudster, a trickster," he said.

Kublalsingh's father, Ray Kublalsingh, said he did not want to comment on Moonilal's remarks. "I heard what he had to say about my family, my son. My children are well educated. We are business people. We built ourselves. So he don't know what he talking about. I don't have anything to say to him," he said.