Tuesday, February 20, 2018

'I Am Santana' opens in New York

Locally produced puppetry feature film, I Am Santana premieres today in New York at the ReRun Gastropub Theatre, in Brooklyn. This comes on the heels of what the producers said was a very successful premiere in London last week Friday. Showtime tonight is 9 p.m. with shows continuing there and other theatres in New York for several days.

I Am Santana was produced by Lexo TV a film company started by former CCN TV6 cameraman, Roger Alexis. The movie is based on characters created by Alexis who is also a puppeteer. He started out doing short clips on Youtube and eventually moved into a television series titled, Herman's Tales.

The YouTube clips, however, became very popular and although they are all available free on the site, people would flock to the DVD pirates to buy the latest collections. The puppets created by Alexis, Santana, Janice, Pastor Stewart and others are now household names in Trinbago and across the Caribbean. The movie, I Am Santana is based on a love triangle between Santana, his girlfriend Janice and Pastor Stewart.

Lexo TV marketing partner and executive producer for I Am Santana, Ian Pantin, told the Express that the London premiere was more successful than anticipated. He said the movie has also already been shown in Grenada, Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados, with Grenada and London attracting the largest audiences to date.

"The response in London was tremendous and there is a really good buzz in New York and we know the people will fill the theatres. Although we had very good responses in the islands, Grenada was the place where the movie took off very well. We are continuing to sell I Am Santana in the US and Europe with upcoming showings in Miami in June and then Boston, New Jersey and Toronto within the coming months," Pantin said.