Saturday, February 17, 2018

'Kneel here, let me kill you'

Victim testifies about attack


CHOPPED: Meena Rampersad

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LEAVING COURT: Basil De Leon, centre, who is charged with attempting to murder his wife Meena Rampersad five years ago, leaves the San Fernando High Court yesterday. —Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

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HOUSEWIFE Meena Rampersad testified that her husband ordered that she kneel before him so he could kill her with a cutlass at an apartment five years ago.

Rampersad lost the middle finger of her left hand after she was chopped.

She was also wounded on her left wrist.

Her alleged attacker, Basil De Leon went on trial in the San Fernando First Criminal Court, charged with attempted murder and wounding with intent.

The case is being heard before Justice Malcolm Holdip.

State attorneys Angelica Teelucksingh and Stacy Lalloo-Chung are prosecuting the case.

De Leon, 60, of Tabaquite is being represented by attorney Rekha Ramjit.

Rampersad who has two sons with De Leon, and was separated from him several months before the attack, recounted the incident.

She said she was sitting on a step leading to the front door of her Pierre Phillip Trace, New Grant apartment reading the newspaper on November 19, 2007 when De Leon came around 10 a.m.

He was brandishing a cutlass and cursing, she said.

Rampersad testified that De Leon with whom she shared an almost 11-year relationship, accused her of taking items from their home and moving in with another man.

"You think I stupid. I come to kill both of you," Rampersad said she was told.

She said De Leon blocked her way and then attacked her with the cutlass.

She raised her left hand to defend herself and was chopped on her fingers.

She said she made it inside the apartment and De Leon followed, chopping her on her wrist.

De Leon then left the house, and was standing at the front of a car parked near the apartment door, said Rampersad.

She said blood was running down her hand as she made her way to the back of the vehicle.

"He told me, Meena come and kneel down here, let me kill you," Rampersad said.

De Leon asked about the whereabouts of Rampersad's male companion and she told him, he (the companion) went to a nearby shop.

Rampersad said De Leon, who knew the man before the incident, then left.

She went back inside, locked the door and called the police.

Rampersad said she was taken by ambulance to the Princes Town District Health Facility and was transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where she spent two days.

Under cross examination, Rampersad said she was afraid during the entire incident.

She is expected to return to court tomorrow to continue cross examination.