Sunday, February 18, 2018

'My mother's house is about to collapse'


at risk: Eighty-four-year-old Ellie Robley, centre, is assisted by her brother Marlon Burton outside her home at Circular Road, Moruga yesterday. —Photo: DAVE PERSAD 

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THE daughter of 84-year-old Ellie Robley is pleading with the State to help her mother get a proper place to live because her house is on the verge of collapsing.

Robley lives alone at Circular Road, Moruga. She is one of the 21 people affected by a landslide that has destroyed the road paved just over a year ago.

Her daughter Gwendolyn Robley who lives at La Romaine said yesterday, "With the rains that came down, everything is in a real mess. There are two families here. One of their houses fell down last week and another one on Saturday. They are still staying there with all their things because they have nowhere to go. I am afraid that anytime now this house will collapse with my mother in it."

She said the main cause of the problem was a leaking water line that was undermining the land.

Robley said several attempts were made by residents to get the pipeline fixed but it was only yesterday that repair works began.

Councillor for Hindustan/Tableland Jules Vernon Downing and Member of Parliament for Moruga Clifton De Coteau promised to assist after visiting the area recently she said. Downing and De Coteau could not be immediately contacted yesterday.