Tuesday, January 16, 2018

'No cocaine in her system'

Woman dies during police raid


asphyxiation: Stacy Ramdeen

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THE woman who police claimed died after ingesting cocaine last Thursday, during a police raid at her Caroni home, died as a result of asphyxiation.

Stacy Ramdeen, 32, of Ibis Gardens, Caroni, was reported to have ingested cocaine after police raided her home around 2.30 p.m. last Thursday.

Ramdeen died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, after officers of the Central Division Task Force raided her home armed with a warrant to search for narcotics and ammunition.

At the Forensic Science Centre, St James yesterday, the autopsy report revealed that there were no traces of cocaine in her stomach and lungs after a spot test was done.

An eyewitness to the autopsy told members of the media that Ramdeen had abrasions on her nose, a gash on her nose bridge and bite marks on her lower lips.

The eyewitness said Ramdeen had severe chronic coronary problems that could have been a result of undetected diabetes. The autopsy showed that Ramdeen during a seizure and choked on her own vomit resulting in death.

Speaking with the media outside the Forensic Science Centre, Ramdeen's sister-in-law, Allison Petamber said Ramdeen was a dedicated mother of five who was always working for her children and her pets.

She said police did not do the proper thing by ensuring a female police officer was present during the search as the officers would have known that there were women in the house before rushing in.

"It was only when she start catching fits that they throw her into the back of their van like a dog and drive off. She was dead before she even reach hospital," Petamber said.

Police said the house was heavily burglar-proofed and while attempting to enter they heard the toilet being flushed. Officers said when they entered the house, they found the woman who suddenly became ill and collapsed. One of the officers attempted to revive her and she was taken to the Mt Hope hospital. She died shortly thereafter.

The relatives of the deceased woman said all the police took were hundreds of thousands dollars worth in jewelry, cash and documents pertaining to deeds valued at millions of dollars.

In a telephone interview with the Express yesterday head of the Central Division Supt Johnny Abraham said the jewelry was seized in the presence of Ramdeen's neighbours to prevent anyone from stealing them since the house would have remained opened after she was taken to hospital.

He added the officers remained at the scene for hours after Ramdeen was taken to the hospital awaiting the arrival of her husband, Evans Petamber, but left before he returned.

Abraham added that the investigations into the discovery of one live round of ammunition, which was allegedly found in the house, would continue following Ramdeen's funeral as he did not want to traumatise the husband any further.