Friday, January 19, 2018

'Point' bank robbed of $70,000

Cops looking for 3 suspects


taking no chances: An armed Amalgamated security officer stands guard as a colleague packs a bag of cash and cheques into an armoured vehicle outside Republic Bank in Point Fortin yesterday afternoon following a morning robbery by three men. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

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POLICE helicopters circled Point Fortin for much of the day yesterday, as officers searched for three men who robbed a bank and escaped in a vehicle stolen from a customer.

The men, wearing track suits, entered the Republic Bank branch at Point Fortin at around 8.30 a.m.

Police said the men, pretending to be customers, joined a short line leading to the tellers.

The men then pulled masks over their faces and walked up to two tellers. They pointed guns at the female tellers and ordered that they fill two plastic bags with cash.

The suspects took the bags, containing approximately $70,000, and casually walked out of the building, police said.

The men waited for a customer to exit the bank and followed him to his black Nissan Navara van.

The customer was forced to hand over the keys to his vehicle, which was used as the getaway vehicle.

Police found the vehicle, parked at the side of the roadway at Mora Road, Point Fortin, hours later.

The bank was closed for business yesterday, as investigators processed the scene for evidence.

Republic Bank issued a press statement yesterday, noting that no one was hurt in the robbery "but staff are understandably shaken by the incident and are at this time receiving counselling".

The bank stated that its executive team visited the branch to assist staff.