Friday, February 23, 2018

'Promoters should consult cops before planning events'


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CENTRAL Division Senior Superintendent Deodath Dulalchan has warned promoters that they ought to consult with the police before they start planning and advertising events.

Chaguanas Senior Magistrate Gillian Scotland last Friday found that the venue for the 2013 Lotto Plus Chutney Soca Monarch was inappropriate and refused to grant the dancehall licence.

The show, which was scheduled for yesterday, had to be put off to another day and place.

Dulalchan said at times the police would be the last to be consulted by promoters and sometimes are contacted a week before the event.

"The police should be on board almost immediately in planning of shows so that situations like these would not arise... I am urging would-be promoters to get the police and fire (officials) on board," he said.

He said at the beginning of the year he heard the chutney event being advertised and called in and raised concerns with CEO of Southex and promoter of the show George Singh. "He was given eight or nine days' notice that police will be objecting to this event because of the magnitude," Dulalchan said.

He said other locations in and around Chaguanas, including the Ato Boldon Stadium, Gilbert Park, Centre Pointe Mall and Mid Centre Mall, were suggested for the competition.

Singh testified last Friday that he met with the residents and the police and made all attempts to ensure provisions were covered for the hosting of the event.

He also said newspaper advertisements for the semi-finals of the show began last Tuesday, and it was the final of the event that had been advertised "for some time".

Dulalchan said he was happy the members of the Lange Park Residents Association gave the police support and encouraged others who may be experiencing similar issues to do the same. Several residents testified in objection to the licence being granted for the event to be hosted at The Rise car park in Lange Park.