Thursday, January 18, 2018

...American takes four planes to get to T&T


determined: Leyde Stlegeo

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Hundreds of people attempting to make it to Trinidad for Carnival became stranded at the JKF International Airport last Friday, but not Leyde StlegeoŚ a New Yorker who currently lives in Bermuda.

He managed to beat the storm and the travel woes suffered by others, by taking several flights, starting in New York, to get to Trinidad just before the storm hit the northeastern coast of the United States.

The Sunday Express met Stlegeo who went to collect his costume at Islandpeople's distribution centre at One Woodbrook Place yesterday.

He spoke about how he managed to leave New York before the snowstorm.

"I started travelling from Bermuda on Thursday, went to New York, went home, checked the family, then I made sure I had a 6 a.m. flight out of Newark. I flew from Newark, New Jersey, to Philadelphia then Philadelphia to Miami, waited a couple of hours and then hopped on a plane to Trinidad."

He said he was determined to get here although he did see some snow on the ground when he left.

"When I got to Miami and I looked at the board, everything out of New York had already been cancelled and that was at ten in the morning.

"I tried to fly from New York to Trinidad but my friend jinxed it, he told me you don't ever fly from New York to Trinidad directly because the winter does not work well for flying in February."

Stlegeo said he was supposed to arrive here yesterday but his friend Junior Warner told him he needed to come in last Friday.

"Because when I touched down in New York on Thursday I started getting the messages about the blizzard, but I am not paying attention to no weather pattern and literally at 6 a.m., I could see the flurries coming down as my plane was taking off," he said.