Saturday, February 24, 2018

...Change in route welcomed

Following the announcement that there will be a change to the parade of bands route for next year's Carnival, various bands have expressed their views on the new changes for Carnival 2013.  The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Bands Association (TTCBA), which was formed a month ago, is looking forward to the changes. Dune Ali, mas maker and member of the TTCBA, said he likes the idea; he is looking forward to a "nice show come Dimanche Gras night. "I would love to see a nice show. They need to put on something sensible though but I like the idea. I'm not sure people are ready for it," Ali said.

Ali said the change could mean more people would attend the show. The attendance of a King and Queen semi-final show is next to nothing. I can see it being a success. I hope it's not too soon; maybe they should do it in 2014 when they have enough time because this has to be a great spectacle.

Ali said the TTCBA was launched a month ago because of the organisation's disenchantment with  the treatment of the mas fraternity. "The reason we have formed the TTCBA last month is because we are fed up with how things are operating. We have made representation to the NCC and to the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturism," he said

A representative for Mac Farlane said he has welcomed the change. He said however their concerns lie with the management of the changes. "If it is going to be managed by the National Carnvial Bands Association it is not going to be successful. We have been in talks with members of the NCDF and NCC with regard to the management of the parade route and the management of the King and Queen competition. There is no problem with the Dimanche Gras, however, there are concerns with the Big Friday which still needs to be addressed. We are going up against the biggest event in Carnival which is Soca Monarch and I don't see how we going to compete with that so it still needs to be discussed," he said.