Sunday, February 18, 2018

...Disappointment at malls in the North

A steady stream of U-turns kept the driveway busy at Westmall at the Falls yesterday, as disappointed shoppers found out on the spot that most stores in North Trinidad were not taking part in the Boxing Day sale hype.

Advertisements to the effect that shoppers could expect massive discounts in after-Christmas specials led many to believe simply that stores across the nation would be throwing their doors open.

Some admitted to failing to check such advertisements carefully, checks of which later showed that some chains would open only certain branches.

In Grand Bazaar on the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, windows remained dark and doors were locked but business was bustling at McDonalds.

A fair amount of shoppers also turned out at Trincity Mall, where Francis Fashions appeared to be the only store taking shoppers.

Customers there said they were happy with the sale on at the time, which appeared to have most items on discount.

Several people were disappointed, however, with the closure of rest of the mall.

Devon Spencer of Arima, shopping with his wife, said they expected to make an evening of it.

"I was particularly disappointed because I thought there were would be more electronics on sale," Spencer said.

The couple decided instead to spend the evening at the movies, after shopping at Francis Fashions.

More than a few people also hoped to catch some deals at Converse, which was closed.