Wednesday, January 17, 2018

...GMRTT: It wasn't us

Responding to the issue Global Medical Response of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd (GMRTT) yesterday issued a press release in which it "categorically denied the recently reported and erroneous reports that its ambulance service address failed and/or refused to render assistance to a young mother whose critically-ill son needed assistance."

"GMRTT first learned of this incident through reports in the media and it wishes to express its regret for such an incident having taken place."

The release said that upon learning of the incident, it immediately launched a complete and aggressive investigation to determine if GMRTT personnel were involved in any manner whatsoever.

"The investigation included a search of our sophisticated Computer Aided Dispatch system that creates a traceable archive of all activities of all resources in our service. It was conclusively determined that no such incident occurred involving GMRTT," the release said.

It continued, "Based on the gravity of this incident and our determination to comprehensively deal with the allegations, we further researched all activities of all ambulances, as recorded by our Global Position Satellite (GPS) vehicle tracking system; this system allows our investigators to 'play back' all vehicle movements and to retrace vehicle motions on a digital map.

"Additionally, we queried all staff members who may have been in the proximity of this incident while managing other citizen emergencies. Our investigation firmly concludes that the ambulance seen by Miss Simon was not one operated by GMRTT. The ambulance personnel with whom she spoke were not GMRTT Emergency Medical Technicians,"the release said.

It continued, "GMRTT assures the national community that we have no policy that would inhibit or prevent GMRTT personnel from rendering assistance to any citizen experiencing any medical emergency. Such a notion goes against our core organisational mission and the very purpose of our company and our care providers.

"We wish to state that the reports which have alleged that GMRTT was at fault for this incident is totally untrue and we categorically deny any wrongdoing or involvement in the incident. It is quite possible that Miss Simon dealt with another ambulance service provider and not GMRTT.

"We express sincere condolences to Miss Simon and the family of Akeel Simon and wish to assure the national community of the continued commitment of GMRTT to server each and every member of the national community."