Saturday, December 16, 2017

...Mother bitten

A FYZABAD mother of four underwent surgery at hospital last week after being bitten by a pitbull near her home.

Dhanwatie Rampersad-Declou, 32, is hospitalised at the San Fernando General where she had surgery to her left leg.

Rampersad-Declou was near her home last Thursday when the dog attacked her.

Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, Rampersad-Declou said, "I went to speak to my neighbour across the road about an accident involving my ten- year-old daughter Britney. While I was talking to them, the gate opened and the dog came out and rushed me. My leg was bleeding a lot and I fainted. I woke up in the hospital."

Vice-president of the Trinidad and Tobago Canine Advocate Jean Claude Al-Jmayel yesterday appealed to dog owners to secure their pets.

He said, "The TTCA remains committed to public safety as it relates to their interaction with dogs. We appeal to the public to ensure that their dogs are properly trained, well socialised and secured".

He suggested the Government consider the recommendations of his association and other concerned groups "and implement legislation based on responsible ownership and not specific breeds as breed specific legislation is a proven failure worldwide, resulting in the increase in dog bite incidents".