Sunday, December 17, 2017

...Small turnout at PoS mass

There was a small turnout of children at the Feast of Holy Innocents mass, which was celebrated at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain yesterday.

The children who were brought to the service were from the Cyril Ross Nursery and the St Mary's Home, but there were also a few parents with their children at the special service during which their Christmas gifts were blessed by the priest.

Keeley Reyes, who took her nephew and her daughter to the service, said she came because she believes that it is important that they remember not just the birth of Jesus Christ and the significance it held for Christmas but also that many innocent babies died when Jesus was born.

"So it's really a reminder of the significance of the birth of Jesus," she said.

Another mother said she brings her children to the service every year because it is important that they understand the significance of the Feast of Holy Innocents, which is now a dying tradition.

"So I am passing on the tradition," Stacey Jacob Francis said.

Canon Christopher Drake, who blessed the toys and children, told the congregation that "God's will" will always be fulfilled.

"Holy Innocents reminds us as Christians that God saw the need to send his son into the world, but King Herod, who was opposed to any sort of rivalry, thought that he would kill the child and end the rivalry.

"That is so true to life in many aspects of the world today, where people feel that they are in authority and having found themselves in authority they cannot stand any challenge of their authority and that any challenge that crops up they must crush it. That is something that is happening today, but we have to remember that God's plan and God's work will not be defeated. It will not be stopped," he said.