Saturday, February 17, 2018

...SuperBlue 'fever' at Central Bank fete

Austin "SuperBlue" Lyons continued to build momentum for his hit song "Fantastic Friday" as he received an encore and wowed the audience at the 13th Central Bank all-inclusive fete last Saturday night.

As entertaining and solid as performances from guests and bands Kes the Band, Karma and Roy Cape All Stars had been to that point, SuperBlue's introduction on to the stage surpassed those for crowd interaction and energy.

Roy Cape's main singer Blaxx had barely started the introduction and before he could announce his name, the hundreds of merry-making feters had begun chanting his name "Super! Super! Super! Super!"

SuperBlue took the stage, hands outstretched forming a Y, head banded by the traditional multi-coloured scarf and just soaked in the adulation for a while before he began his set with "Ethel", backed up by 3Canal. Then with his trademark mike-flicking abilities, he segued into "Signal to Lara".

All the time, the energy of the crowd, fuelled by SuperBlue's appearance on stage and their own drinks, had risen to a crescendo of shouting and hand and flag-waving. It brought to mind, the inspiration for his song "Blue Fever" which he sang some years ago

When the Roy Cape band transitioned to "Fantastic Friday", the crowd had worked into a frenetic mass of bouncing, wining bodies along the lower part of St Vincent Street.

They resumed the "Super! Super Super!" chant and from the time "Blue" blurted out the first words "Water and Powder!", the audience responded, with some patrons singing along the rest of the song word for word.

SuperBlue pranced back and forth and side to side across the stage with the 3Canal members matching him for energy but surpassing him for vocal strength and consistency.

Not the force of old, 3Canal and the audience helped carry SuperBlue through the entire bouncing-bodies-filled performance before he exited the stage.

When Blaxx re-appeared to ask the crowd if they wanted a SuperBlue return, Blue and 3Canal made their way back out for Blue's energetic repeat of "Fantastic Friday".

The crowd was at least as pumped for this second rendition and by the time he left the stage, the crowd was still chanting "Super! Super Super!"

Roy Cape All Stars' set, highlighted by Blaxx's two 2013 hits "Nah Getaway" and "Let Go", lit up the crowd and kept them peaked throughout.

Karma, featuring Ravi B and Nisha B, also fired the crowd up at points and especially with their set-starting and finishing song, Ravi B's track "Prescription" especially proving a crowd-pleaser in a fete that lived up to

Kes the Band, who had to encourage patrons still interested in food and drink fare to that point, had gotten the live acts off to a start.

But the star of the night was the veteran who dug deep to please his supporters.