Friday, February 23, 2018

...Third time for Presentation College

FOR the third consecutive year, Presentation College Chaguanas has copped the President's Medal.

This year's winner is Brad Bachu, who is a joint-winner with Marcus Belasco of Naparima College in San Fernando. Last year's winners were Kerry Singh of Presentation College San Fernando and Shastri Ram of Presentation College Chaguanas.

Nineteen-year-old Bachu said he was overwhelmed by the support he received from his school.

He said discipline and the ability to prioritise helped him to win the award, as well as support from his parents, friends and teachers.

Bachu had excellent scores in the six subjects he wrote for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE). These were Geometrical Drawing, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies.

He will be working as a lab assistant at the school for about a year through the On-The-Job Training Programme (OJT) before furthering his studies at a university in the United States.

His advice to pupils writing CAPE: "Never compete against anybody.

Always compete against yourself...once you compete against yourself you have no limit."

Presentation College principal Gary Ribeiro had high praise for Bachu, who he said was an extremely well-rounded pupil who participated in all sports and represented Trinidad and Tobago in badminton.

Ribeiro said: "The College is extremely overjoyed that for the third year in a row we were able to cop the President's Medal. The only school that ever did this in history was Presentation College ourselves, which was ten years back, so we are repeating some history here.

"We got the best results we ever got in scholarships. We got 11 Open scholarships and 11 Additional scholarships.

"For a small school that sent up 78 boys that is a phenomenal total, so the whole school is super excited that these gentlemen did so well."

Errol Jaikeransingh, principal of Presentation College San Fernando, said he was not disappointed with this year's scholarship awards.

The school received 16 scholarships including three Open. Jaikeransingh said: "We are quite happy with the results. It was actually what we had expected."