Wednesday, February 21, 2018

...Top cop's appraisal to now include money management

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has now included a "financial administration" element in the performance appraisal of the country's police commissioner.

This follows the issues surrounding former police commissioner Dr Dwayne Gibbs and his award of a $900,000 contract for a light aircraft last year.

The "financial administration" element now forms 15 per cent of the police commissioner's overall marks. It will be included in the 2012 appraisal of the police commissioner, PSC member Jacqueline Cheesman said yesterday.

She made the statement as the Joint Select Committee (JSC) undertook a review of the PSC at the J Hamilton Maurice Room of the Parliament Chamber, at the International Waterfront Centre in Port of Spain.

The decision by Gibbs to award a $902,772 contract for 720 hours' use of a Zenith 750 Air Scout aircraft for a three-month evaluation period was met with controversy last year. The contract was awarded to Trinidad and Tobago Air Support Company, in Tacarigua, for supplying its "Sky View Surveillance Support" as a "law enforcement aviation pilot project".

Solicitor-general Eleanor Donaldson-Honeywell had concluded Gibbs acted "without authority" in the award of the contract. She said only a permanent secretary had this authority. 

Gibbs, she stressed, did not have the authority to enter into procurement transactions of any dollar value without adhering to the existing Central Tenders Board Act provisions.

"In the last JSC, I remember there was some concern relative to financial administration and, at that point in time, we were not measuring that particular area. It is a new addition to the appraisal process," Cheesman said.