Sunday, January 21, 2018

...prices set to rise

PREPARE to pay more for fish this Lenten season, which began on Wednesday.

Compared to last year's prices for the same period, the price of fish is significantly higher.

Erin fisherman Trevor Holder said he was selling carite at $35 a pound, salmon at $25 per pound and redfish at $25 per pound.

If buyers are waiting for the fish vendor to pass by their home, a customer would have to pay a lot more, Holder said. Kishore Boodram, president of the Claxton Bay Fishing Association, said the biggest seller at Claxton Bay was mullet at $2 per pound.

"We are not trying to kill any poor people with price. We try and give them what they could buy and eat."

He said shark was mainly available near the north and south coasts, while carite and kingfish were scare throughout the country.

Boodram said because of high winds, many fishermen were not venturing out too far to sea to fish.

—Sue-Ann Wayow