Tuesday, January 16, 2018

PSAEL: Works were verified by ministry

the Palo Seco Agri­cultu­ral Enterprises Ltd (PSAEL) responds to ques­­tions from the Sun­day Express: 

Question: Please ex­plain why a $22 million cheque was issued to COSL for works at 1 Alex­andra Street before verification of the works?

Answer: A cheque was issued only after the works completed were veri­fied. This payment re­-

lates to the design and con­-

struction works completed on One Alexandra.

Did PSAEL re­ceive con­firmation from the Mi­nistry of Local Gov­ern­­ment that the works were verified? If yes, please indi­cate.

Yes, PSAEL did re­ceive confirmation from Min­istry of Local Gov­ern­ment that the work was confirmed.

Was an attempt made to stop the cheque after it was discovered that the invoices submitted did not match the works completed?

There was no issue where the invoices did not match accordingly, there­fore, no attempts were made to stop it.

The ministry had esti­mated the contract sum at $36 million. Please explain the reason for the contract increasing to $71 million.

PSAEL was contracted by the ministry to provide project management ser­vices for the customising and outfitting of the offi­ces located at 1 Alexan­­dra Street, Port of Spain, inclusive of the de­signs. This project was ten­dered using a design/build approach. On the completion of the eval­uation of the bids, the min­istry was informed of the proposed cost of the successful bidder. PSAEL was thereafter in­formed by the ministry to undertake the project at a cost of $50,520,775.65, exclusive of contingencies, supervision and manage­ment fees and VAT (value-added tax).


Please explain why the financial unopened bid was not returned to Elvis Marketing Ltd.

Our records indicate that the package was returned as per policy.

Please explain why the evaluation report states that Elvis Mar­keting did not submit bid security and as a result was dis­qua­li­fied.

Upon the Evaluation Com­mittee’s inspection by five senior PSAEL per­-

­son­­nel and one ministry representative, it was cer­ti­fied that none was received.

Did Elvis Marketing Ltd submit a copy of the bond document to PSAEL showing other­wise?


No documents are ac­cepted after tender closure. All relevant doc­uments are to be submitted prior to ten­der closure.