Friday, February 23, 2018

Warner planning to sue 'Express'

National Security Minister Jack Warner is planning to sue the Express following a report that he was the subject of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The Express had e-mailed Warner on Sunday with several questions and called him several times for comment before the story was published on Monday, but there was no response.

Warner responded on Monday night at the United National Congress's Monday-night forum in Debe, saying he had instructed his attorneys to file lawsuits against his detractors. He said there was a campaign to get rid of him, in the belief the Government would fall.

Warner said: "They only have time for bacchanal and kuchoor. Look at one of them today, 'FBI probes Jack Warner'. Look at the same one yesterday, 'Million $$ probe on Jack Warner'. Get Jack Warner at all cost and, in their blighted thinking, they believe that if they get Jack Warner this Government will fall."

The Express reported on Monday that the FBI's interest in Warner is linked to the money-laundering allegations against him.

He said this would not happen. "Today I had my lawyers send a pre-action protocol letter to the Express. I will sue them Monday after Monday and its court after court after court." And I intend to go as far as it is legally possible to stop this damn foolishness.