Saturday, February 24, 2018

Akeem’s mom grateful to T&T

 An ambassador. A soldier. A warrior.

Those were just some of the words used to describe former national footballer Akeem Adams who died on December 30, last year, in Hungary.

The body of the former T&T player returned home yesterday. Also returning to T&T was his mother Ancilla Dick-Adams and his brother Akini who both travelled to Hungary to be with Akeem after the 22-year-old suffered a massive heart attack last September.

Akeem had received a mechanical heart in one of four life-saving operations at the Városmajor Heart Clinic after suffering the heart attack at his apartment in Hungary.

Three months later, on December 28, he suffered a stroke, and died two days later with his mother and brother at his side.

“It is a joy and a relief to be home with family and friends and well wishers and everybody,” Dick-Adams told the media, yesterday, at Piarco International Airport.

“It is real sad but I have a joy here,” she said, as she touched her chest and thanked everyone for their support over the last three months.

“I know he resting comfortable with the Lord…I know that. And I thank God for the doctors by the hospital that had him for three months,” she said.

“That we could have spent (that time) with him…it was nice. He was this close, they told us and from the time we arrived he started to improve…prayers worked,” she insisted.

“This country (T&T) prayed, Budapest prayed, the whole of Hungary prayed, Europe prayed, and prayer really works. We had three wonderful months with him. He was right up and when we thought it was for us, it was for the Lord. It was not for us to be with him. I enjoyed the three months with him. It was hard and tough but enjoyable,” she added.

Akini said: “I remember him (Akeem) as great. That is all I could remember him as. It will not have anybody that could bring that joy like he did.”

Minister of Sport Anil Roberts was also at Piarco yesterday, and described Akeem as a “big player” who lived his dream.

The funeral of Akeem Adams is scheduled for Friday at 11.30 a.m. at Mahaica Oval in Point Fortin where there will be a public viewing of the body.