Friday, December 15, 2017

All for Hart

 STEPHEN HART is the kind of coach footballers want to play for. There is no doubt about it. 

Hart is a player´s coach. He has ideas on how he wants the Soca Warriors to play, but is not a dictator. On the field, he demands discipline, but also wants his footballers to express themselves. 

“Gentlemen, these are ideas, not orders,” Hart shouts from centre field in the middle of a training session. 

The player was almost forcing to do what Hart wanted, trying so much to please, but at the inappropriate time.  When necessary Hart is forceful as well.

“At no time must the right-back and the right-midfielder be up-field at the same time,” he shouts. “That is like leaving your door open for thief to enter.”

The greatest critic would find it had not to recognise that the Trinidad and Tobago team has come a long way in just a year under Hart. But he does not do it alone. 

Former national standout Hutson Charles, who was demoted as national coach, is now Hart's assistant, along with former Joe Public coach Derek King. Charles has since forged a good working relationship with Hart as have the other backroom staff, all buying into the vision of Team Hart. 

“I would like to see us possess the ball and do more with it.” 

Hart preaches it day in, day out. And maybe some time, even this afternoon against Iran, he may get more of what he wants.