Friday, February 23, 2018

Ammon not in 'Davis' screening

ETHAN AMMON will not part of the "screening process" to represent Trinidad and Tobago in the Davis Cup next year in Bolivia.

The Express reported on Tuesday that the United States-based 15-year-old would be involved in the four-day event, which serves off today at National Tennis Centre, Tacarigua.

But TATT president Jermille Danclar stated yesterday that Davis Cup coordinator Dave Patrick made a mistake when revealing the list of players as Ammon is on the short list for the Junior Davis Cup.

The four players—Yohansey Williams, Liam Gomez, Vaughn Wilson and Luke De Caries—who flew the red, white and black in American Zone Group III of the world's premier male team tennis tournament this year in Tobago are on the list. Also included is the United States-based reserve Seve Day and former Davis Cup player Lendl Smith, who returned to competitive singles after a break of two years six months ago and beat Williams, Wilson and Day to be crowned national champion for the third time.

The Fed Cup screening will take place simultaneously, but just one player is needed to form the team as 17-year-old national champ Breana Stampfli has been picked automatically, along with the United States-based Annaleise Rose and professional player Yolande Leacock.

Keneel Teasdale, who made her debut at this level this year, and last year's debutant Trevine Sellier, a debutant last year, are the only two in contention for the final spot.

Trials are usually held to select the teams and Danclar stated that the screening process is a little different as it will be used as a guide to assist TATT in picking the players for the tournaments.

American Zone Group III of the Davis Cup will take place in Bolivia on clay court from June 17-22 and 11 countries—Bahamas, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama, Paraguay, T&T, United States Virgin Islands and Bolivia—are expected to be represented. The teams will be placed in two round-robin groups with the top two from each group advancing to play for the two promotion places to Group II in 2014.

Players from 13 countries – Bahamas, Bermuda, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, T&T, Uruguay and El Salvador—are expected to be in American Zone Group II of the Fed Cup in El Salvador from July 17-20 in El Salvador.

The group winners will advance to the semi-finals and then both winners will be promoted to Group I of the world's premier female team tennis tournament in 2014.

The screening begins at 9 a.m. today in Tacarigua.