Saturday, January 20, 2018

Battle on as TTCB elections loom

The incumbent Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) executive—the Movement for Change—led by president Azim Bassarath could be in for a close battle at next month’s TTCB elections, with Dinanath Ramnarine and Daren Ganga leading the charge against the current administration.

In the latest Zonal club representatives’ election in South East, the Movement for Change slate, led by current chairman Kelvin Mohammed and Ian Lalla, along with four other representatives, won the majority of the support from the clubs.

The four other elected club representatives were Rydell Ramsaran, Dusson Neaves, Bhim Saugh and Samlal Sookoo.

The South East elections were held at Princes Town West Secondary on Thursday night and according to Mohammed, both Ramnarine and Ganga were present.

The win in South East will be a welcome triumph for the incumbents, especially after the Ramnarine slate made a clean sweep at the National League elections and at the South Zone club representative elections which both took place on Wednesday.

The South Zone elections were held at Hermitage Community Centre with Chitram Ramjitsingh, Inchan Ali, Steven Ramkissoon, Sunil Singh, Ramdeo Ramtahal and Elvis Ramdeo winning the majority of support from the 17 clubs in the Zone.

On Sunday Central Zone club representatives were elected. Lalman Kowlesser, Keith Joseph, Hadeed Ali, Narsingh Rambarran, Anderson Ramdath, and Allan Ramjass all got the nod. Rambarran and Ramjass are the only newcomers from that poll, while Rajendra Poorai lost his bid to return, and Avinash Jaggernauth opted not to offer himself as a candidate.

Kowlessar is vice president in the Bassarath-led TTCB administration.

The East Zone AGM was held on Thursday, with TTCB executive members Patrick Rampersad and Arjune Ramlal in attendance.

Tarrandath Sammy was re elected as chairman while Kameel Hamza will serve as vice chairman, Sukesh Maniam as secretary and Aslim Mandol as treasurer. Sammy, Mandol and Hamza will represent the zone at the TTCB AGM.

The other zones will also have to hold individual AGMs to elect a chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer and to decide who their three representatives will be for the TTCB AGM.

The 21 zonal representatives (three from each of the seven zones in Trinidad—North, East, North East, Central, South, South West, and South East) along with the six national league club representatives will vote at next month’s TTCB AGM.

They will make up 48 representatives who will vote at the TTCB AGM to elect the 11 executive members of Board which will be made up of five officers—the president, first vice president, second vice president, third vice president, the general secretary and the treasurer—and five executive members.

Despite losing the National League vote on Wednesday, executive member of the Bassarath-led administration Patrick Rampersad is still confident that they can turn things around in time for the AGM.

“Yes we are disappointed. We thought we had performed extremely well as a board and we expected to get the support of the cricketing fraternity, that is to say the clubs, but the clubs did not share our view and overwhelmingly voted for the opposition. We have taken the results and we are planning our strategy accordingly. 

“While there must be a level of concern, we still have some time and I am confident we can turn things around before the AGM,” Rampersad said.