Wheel-to-wheel: France Olympic cyclist Gregory Bauge, right, beats Trinidad and Tobago’s Njisane Phillip, second from left, to the finish line in the International men’s kerin event on the first day of the Njisane Phillip Three-Day Cycling Festival at Arima Velodrome on Friday night. See Page 54. —Photo: AYANNA KINSALE


Bauge takes ‘Njisane’ Festival keirin

By BY Kern De Freitas

Multiple world champion Gregory Bauge of France showed his speed and class to edge Njisane Phillip in the main event during the first night of the Njisane Three-Day Cycling Festival at Arima Velodrome.

Bauge’s pace was just enough to assure him victory as Phillip bolted through on the outside, and only just failed to catch the Frenchman on the line.

Phillip had settled close to the front of the seven finalists until the motorbike moved away from the racers to signal the final lap. 

Bauge made his move on the back straight before Phillip came surging on the final curve.

It proved not enough as the crowd urged on T&T’s top sprinter and organiser of the event, Phillip, but his final push took him just short. Third in the mass sprint was Czech Republic rider, Tomas Babel.

But Phillip and endurance specialist Varun Maharaj made it a good night for Team Red. 

Phillip pipped teammate Keron Bramble  for the nine-lap win, and Babel over six laps in the international category. Maharaj displayed bravery and good tactics to edge Barbadian Darren Matthews (Team Green) for the Elimination event. Jamaica’s Marloe Rodman completed the Caribbean one-two-three.

However, Babel had his way at the end of the night, securing the 25-lap event.

The Ladies keirin was not as close, with Bauge’s countrywoman Laurie Berton roaring to victory over Jennifer Davis (Scotland) and Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland), who were second and third respectively.

Berton was the class of the opening night, also taking the Ladies six-lap and nine-lap events as well.

Last night, racing moved to Skinner Park, San Fernando, and will conclude tonight at the same venue, with action expected to pedal off from 5 p.m.


Friday’s results:

International Men

9 Laps

1. Njisane Phillip (T&T/Team Red) 2. Keron Bramble (T&T/Team Red) 3. Sebastian Donadio (Argentina/ Team White)

6 Laps

1. Njisane Phillip (T&T/Team Red) 2. Thomas Babel (Czech Republic) 3. Adam Alexander (T&T/Team Green)


1. Varun Maharaj (T&T/Team Red) Darren Matthews (Barbados/Team Green) 3. Marloe Rodman (Jamaica/Team Black)

25 Laps

1. Tomas Babek (Czech Republic/ Team Black) 2. Adam Alexander (T&T/ Team Green) 3. Joshua Alexander (T&T/ Team White)


1. Gregory Bauge (France/Team White) 2. Njisane Phillip (T&T/Team Red) 3. Tomas Babek (Czech Republic)


International/Senior Women

9 Laps

1. Laurie Berton (France) 2. Jennifer Davis (Scotland) 3. Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)

6 Laps

1. Laurie Berton (France) 2. Daniela Gaxiola (Mexico) 3. Jennifer Davis (Scotland)


1. Laurie Berton (France) 2. Jennifer Davis (Scotland) 3. Daniela Gaxiola (Mexico)


2 Lap win & out (40-49)

1. Rocky Hosein (Hummingbird) 2. Roger Smart 

(Madonna) 3. Christopher Gill (Heatwave)

3 Laps (40- 49)

1. Roger Smart (Madonna) 2. Rocky Hosein 

(Hummingbird) 3. Christopher Gill (Heatwave)

 2 Lap win & out (50-59)

 1. Cyril Fook (Parkside) 2. Wayne Samuel 

(Southclaine) 3. Earl Gonzales (Madonna) 

4 Laps (50-59)

1. Joel Browne (AWCC) 2. Wayne Samuel (Southclaine) 3. Cyril Fook (Parkside)

3 Laps (60-69)

1. Harideva La Fond (Unattached) 2. Clyde Pollonais (Southclaine) 3. Pat Nelson (The Braves)

Masters 2 Laps (60- 69)

1. Haridiva La Fond (Unattached) 2. Clyde Pollonais (Southclaine) 3. Godfrey Clyne- (Southclaine)

3 Laps (70+)

1. Earl Henry (Unattached) 2. Barry Edghill 

(Madonna) 3. Joey Nunes (Hummingbird)

 2 Laps (70+)

1. Earl Henry (Unattached) 2. Barry Edghill 

(Madonna Wheelers) 3. Joey Nunes (Hummingbird)


Elimination (Elite I, II)

1. Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave) 2. Dario Pagliarici (The Braves) 3. O’Neil Samuels (The Braves)

4 Lap Pointer (Elite I, II)

1. Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave) 2. Dario Pagliarici (The Braves) 3. O’Neil Samuels (The Braves)

4 Laps (Elite IV)

1. Kamau Reece (Petrotrin) 2. A. Puckerin 

(Barbados) 3. Desmond Nedd (Bike Smith)

2 Laps (Elite IV)

1. A Puckerin (Barbados) 2. Brent Mitchell (Petrotrin) 3. Desmond Nedd (Bike Smith)

5 Laps (Elite III)

1. Marvin Arumjo (Team Foundation) 

2. Nicholas Lopez (Madonna) 3. Urba Bourne 


4 Lap Pointer (Elite III)

1. Oludare Marcelle (Madonna) 2. Robin 

Balgobin (Hummingbird) 3. Murvin Arumjo 

(Team Foundation)

10 Laps (Elite I, II, III, Juniors) 

1. Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave) 2. Dario 

Pagliaricci (The Braves) 3. Edwin Sutherland 



3 Laps (Tinymite)

1. Chenelle Walcott (Bike Smith) 

2. Ashley Whiteman (Sonics) 3. Adrianna 

Seyjagat (AWCC)

2 Laps (Tinymite)

1. Chenelle Walcott (Bike Smith) 

2. Adriana Seyjagat (AWCC) 3. Ashley Whiteman 


2 Laps (Juvenile)

1. Jhordan St George (Slipstream) 2. Dominique Lovell (AWCC)

3 Laps (Juvenile)

1. Jhordan St George (Slipstream) 

2. Dominique Lovell (AWCC)

5 Laps (Junior)

1. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 2. Kollyn 

St George (Slipstream) 3. Joy Abigail John 


 2 Laps (Junior) 

1. Joy Abigail John (AWCC) 2. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 3. Tenille Campbell (Sonics)


2 Laps 

1. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) 2. Luke Staffner (Barbados) 3. Dean Woodsley (Petrotrin)

5 Laps

1. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) 2. Dean Woodsley (Petrotrin) 3. Justin Baptiste (Slipstream)



3 Laps

1. Tyler Cole (Sonics) 2. Tremaine Forde Catwell (Barbados) 3. Chayne Goodman (Barbados)

 1. Tyler Cole (Sonics) 2. Jacobs Kelly (Sonics/Barbados) 3. Brandon Gittens (Sonics)



4 Laps

1. Liam Lovell (Barbados) 2. Edwin Sutherland (Barbados) 3. Josh Kelly (Sonics/Barbados)

2 Laps

1. Sei Daniel (AWCC) 2. Liam Lovell (Barbados) 3. Josh Kelly (Sonics/Barbados)

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