Thursday, January 18, 2018

Big cast for boxing 'Nationals'

A cast of 36 boxers are expected to be in action tomorrow when the bell rings to open the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Boxing Association's (TTABA) 2013 National Championships at Woodbrook Youth Facility from 6 p.m.

The five-day tournament gets going with a Junior Welterweight (64 kg) contest between Dariel Addams of Sand City and White Eagle's Ernest Applewhite, and fans will also be looking forward to the lone Elite Novice Heavyweight (81 kg) clash between Marinus Coutain of Fine Line Gym and Evans Jackson of Willpower.

In all there will be 18 first round bouts in the Junior Welterweight, Light Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight categories at the Youth, Elite Novice (five bouts and under) and Elite Open Divisions.

According to TTABA president Cecil Forde, the 2013 Championships will be one of the largest seen for some time.

"There will be a lot of bouts on each night of competition and we plan to start at 6 p.m. sharp from Wednesday 30 (January) to Friday 1 (February). We must do this to ensure the session ends in a timely fashion as many of the boxers are going to school.

"Over the weekend the bouts will start at 3 p.m., with an assessment of boxers fourteen years and under tentatively scheduled to take place on Saturday from 8am to 2pm", said Forde as he supervised the weigh-ins and draw for the event at Marabella's Cosmic Boxing Gym on Saturday.

Tomorrow's National Championships schedule

(in order of bouts):

Dariel Addams (Sand City) vs Ernest Applewhite (White Eagle) Junior Welterweight (64kg)

Rondell Ferdinand (White Eagle) vs Dexter Villaroel (Biomel) Junior Welterweight (64kg)

Reynold Belcon (Sand City ) vs Ray Cummings (Golden Fist) Junior Middleweight (69 kg)

Shaquille Aguillera (While Eagle) vs Nathan Francis (Sand City) Junior Middleweight (69 kg)

Kadeem Ajim (Tobago Dark Warriors) vs Omar Smith (Rough House) Light Welterweight (64 kg youth) Milhail Roberts (THA Elite) vs Asad Fabien (Magic) Light Welterweight (64 kg youth)

Kerrell Christopher (White Eagle) vs Vern Caraballo (Biomel) Light Heavyweight (81 kg)

Shaquille Mohammed (Moruga) vs Kyle Ragoonath (Ultimate Gym) Lightweight (60 kg Elite Novice)

David Francique (Defence Force) vs Conelle McClean (Willpower) Light Welterweight (64 kg Novice)

Sheffield Belgraves (Magic) vs Chevon Copper (Sand City) Light Welterweight (64kg Elite Novice)

Quincy Supersad (YANS) vs Mathew Charles (Cosmic) Welterweight (69 kg Elite Novice)

Kieon Cardinez (Ultimate Gym) vs Mikhail Ragoonanan (Willpower) (69 kg Elite Novice)

Damian Deodath (Fighters Club) vs Nicholas Potts (YANS) Welterweight (69 kg Elite Novice)

Davin Sinaswee (Ultimate Gym) vs Wayne Amann (Tobago Dark Warriors) Welterweight (69 kg Elite Novice)

Joash Walkins (Rough House) vs Dwayne Vieira (Black Hawks) Welterweight (69 kg Elite Open)

Lavel Nurse (THA Elite) vs Declan Calliste (Cosmic) Welterweight (69 kg Elite Open)

Keslon Raymond (Magic) vs Jeromey George (YTC) Welterweight (69 kg Elite Open)

Marinus Coutain (Fine Line) vs Evans Jackson (Willpower) Heavyweight (81 kg Elite Novice)