Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bike Smith, Heatwave riders dominate road

Rafmon Mecalfab Heatwave and Bike Smith had the best of the weekend's road cycling, sharing the top places for the Tortuga ride on Sunday, a day after Bike Smith dominated the team time trial event at Wallerfield.

On Sunday, Heatwave rider Barbados-born Jamol Eastmond completed the race in one hour, 38 minutes flat. In all the course consisted of three laps from Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva to the Southbound lane of Solomon Hochoy Highway, through Claxton Bay then east to Tortuga, before returning via Grand Couva Main Road to Preysal Secondary.

In Eastmond's wake was his Heatwave teammate and countryman Philip Clarke, second, who clocked 1:39:25. Bike Smith's Troy Nelson (1:39.25) was a very close third. Team Trek's Gevan Samuel and Heatwave's Guy Costa were not far off the podium in finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

Eastmond also earned an incentive by beating the bonus time of 1:40:00.

The other category winners included Akil Campbell (Juniors) of Rigtech Sonics, Petrotrin's Ramon Belmontes (Juveniles), Tyler Cole (Tinymites) of Sonics, Louise Smart (Elite Ladies) of Heatwave, and Bike Smiths' Keiana Lester (Junior Ladies).

In the Masters categories, Ancil Roberts (40-49 age group) of Sonics, Michael Browne (50-59) and Heatwave's Earl McLeod (60-plus) were the winners.

In Sunday's Wallerfield outing, Bike Smith took two spots in the top five of the team time trial, where a team of three to four riders competed, with the first team to bring home three cyclists won the event.

The Bike Smith 'A' trio of Kevin Tinto, Troy Nelson and Joshua Alexander took home the first prize as they stopped the clock at 53 minutes, 55.80 seconds.

RigTech Sonics 'A' trio Barry Luces, Cowin Thomas and Samuel Alleyne (57:28.21 overall) were second, and Degree Madonna Wheelers' Kassim Charles-Walcott, Roger Smart, Oludare Marcelle and Risaan Jiminez (57:28.21) combined for third.

Bike Smith 'B', including Lester and Redhead, were fourth, while Sonics 'B' team comprising Geoffrey Harper, Kristoff Frontin and Orlando Frontin were fifth.




1. Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave) 2. Phillip Clarke (Heatwave) 3. Troy Nelson (Bike Smith) 4. Gevan Samuel (Team Trek) 5. Guy Costa (Heatwave) 5. Adam Alexander (Team Foundation) 6. Stephan Mangroo 7. Collin Wilson (Team Trek) 8. Rudy Ashton (Slipstream) 9 Joshua Alexander (Bike Smith)


1. Akil Campbell (Rigtech Sonics) 2. Oludare Marcelle (Degree Madonna Wheelers) 3. Risaan Jiminez (Madonna Wheelers) 4. Kasim Charles-Walcott (Madonna Wheelers)


1. Ramon Belmontes (Petrotrin) 2. Aaden Redhead (Bike Smith) 3. David Orr (Bike Smith) 4. Emmanuel Watson (Madonna Wheelers)


1. Tyler Cole (Sonics) 2. Lorenzo Orosco (Hummingbird) 3. Adam Francis (Team Trek)

Elite Ladies

1. Louise Smart (Heatwave)

Junior Ladies

1. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith)

Masters 40-49

1. Ancil Roberts (Sonics) 2. Mark Hosein (Heatwave) 3. Mark Thomas (Madonna Wheelers) 4. Geoffrey Harper (Sonics)

Masters 50-59

1. Michael Browne 2. Simon Jardine (Corkie's Casuals) 3. Courtney Mark (Corkie's Casuals) 4. Wayne Samuel (Southclaine)

Masters 60+

1. Earl McLeod (Heatwave) 2. Codrington Joefield (Bike Smith) 3. Godfrey Clyne (Southclaine) 4. Erwin Dorsch


1. Bike Smith 'A' (Kevin Tinto, Troy Nelson, Joshua Alexander) 0:53:55.80

2. Rigtech Sonics 'A' (Barry Luces, Cowin Thomas, Samuel Alleyne) 0:57:28.21

3. Madonna Wheelers (Kassim Charles-Walcott, Roger Smart, Oludare Marcelle, Risaan Jiminez) 0:57:31.22

4. BikeSmith 'B' (Zacharry Orr, Kieana Lester, Nevin Malco, Aaden Redhead) 1:03:45.93

5. Rigtech Sonics 'B' (Geoffrey Harper, Kristoff Frontin, Orlando Frontin) 1:05:33.10