Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bushido top club

Bushido Karate and Jujitsu Dojo ( BKJD) of Carapaichima is theTrinidad and Tobago Karate Federationís (TTKF) top club for 2013.

Headed by Shito-Ryu karate expert Sensei Rodney Ramlal, BKJD has had a 60 per cent growth from July to December 2013. Accredited classes also taught in nihion ju-jitsu and kickboxing. The multi-discipline club is a member of the Brazil Traditional Kickboxing Federation (CBKBT) and International Seishinryu Karate Federation (ISKF) Japan .

Two of its members Ramlal and Rebecca Bhola graduated from the American Sport Education Programme (ASEP) Coaching Principles course and recently, the Trinidad and Tobago Paralympic Committee (TTPC) Coaching course.

Ramlal is director of kickboxing or TTKF and they both hold CBKBT International referee licenses. BKJD is very popular in their community.