Friday, February 23, 2018

Cedenio in Carifta 68


Boys’ under-20 400 CHAMP: Machel Cedenio

Mark Fraser

Five reigning Carifta champions are among 68 athletes selected to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the April 19-21 Carifta Games, in Martinique.

Machel Cedenio will defend his boys’ under-20 400 metres title, and Akeem Marshall will do the same in the boys’ under-20 5,000m event.

Three 2013 under-17 gold medallists will compete in the under-18 category this year. For the first time, the regional junior track and field championships will have under-18 competition, in keeping with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) practice.

Jeminise Parris, the girls’ under-17 300m hurdles champion, has been selected for duty in the girls’ under-18 100m hurdles and 400m hurdles events. Chelsea James, a two-time girls’ under-17 shot put winner, will compete in the under-18 shot put and discus. And Andwuelle Wright, the 2012 and 2013 boys’ under-17 long jump gold medallist, is listed for action in the under-18 long jump.

The T&T team for Carifta 2014 also includes talented sprinters Jonathan Farinha and Adell Colthrust, England-based middle-distance runner Nicholas Landeau, and javelin thrower Shakeil Waithe, who is training in Cuba with Olympic champion Keshorn Walcott and shot putter Cleopatra Borel.


Boys’ under-20—Jonathan Farinha, Micah Ballantyne, Machel Cedenio, Asa Guevara, Ashton Gill, Nicholas Landeau, Akeem Marshall, Jevon Joseph, Ruebin Walters, Aaron Lewis, Kenejah Williams, Shakeil Waithe, Aaron Enill, Kevin Roberts, Victor Isaac, John Mark Constantine, Jamal Bridges, Theon Lewis, Nathan Farinha    

Girls’ under-20--Aaliyah Telesford, Kayelle Clarke, Zakiya Denoon, Shirnell Ettienne, Ayoka Cummings, Elia Nero, Akila McShine, Antonia Attale, Marielle Pierre, Portious Warren, Chuntal Mohan, Tsai-Anne Joseph, Janae Alexander

Boys’ under-18--Adell Colthrust, Akanni Hislop, Corey Stewart, Kashief King, Jacob St Clair, Terry Frederick, Jeremiah Hamilton, Renaldo Marshall, Dwight St Hillaire, Che Richards, Andwuelle Wright, Omari Benoit, Edson Moses, Tyriq Horsford, Chad Richards, Joash Huggins, Keivonne Alexander

Girls’ under-18--Jael Ferguson, Jenea Spinks, Jeminise Parris, Renee Stoddard, Thyla-Marie Scott, Je-Risa James, Shaiann Charles, Chelsea James, Ayana Glasgow, Meriah Freeman, Khemani Roberts, Asha James, Anya Akili, Alisha St Louis, Akidah Briggs, Kadesha Prescott, Nikita Paul, Jada Barker, Anika Wolfe

Officials--Dexter Voisin (manager), Paul Voisin (assistant manager/coach), Lester Osouna (head coach), Reynold Porter-Lee (coach), Charles Joseph (coach), Kelvin Nancoo (coach), Anna-Lee Walcott (coach), Wendell Williams (coach), Robin Brereton (coach), Wade Franklyn (coach), Kerron Browne (coach), Lucretia Warner-Burns (chaperone), Abeyola Akowe (chaperone), Zephyrinus Nicholas (physiotherapist), Jason Pilgrim (massage therapist), Kurlin Smith (massage therapist), Dr Israel Dowlat (team doctor)