Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Championship leaders look to clinch titles

If results go in their favour this weekend, Jenexcon Tableland, CLICO Preysal and Munroe Road could all win their respective Championship Divisions and earn promotion to the big league.

Preysal, who lost many of their senior players when they were demoted from the Premier Division to the North Central Championship Division at the end of last season, could be heading back up as they lead the Division with 143 points, 27 better than second place Petrotrin Sports.

Preysal host Police Sports in the penultimate round of the competition bowling off today at Inshan Ali Park, Preysal while Petrotrin tackle Calcutta Sports at Calcutta Ground.

In the East North East, Munroe Road, 138 points, have a 22 point lead at the top of the standings and will play fourth place Barataria Ball Players at Barataria Oval this weekend.

Munroe Road’s closest rivals UTT (116 points) are in action against EYM at EYM Ground.

Tableland (152 points) have a big 35-point lead at the top of the South Championship and they will have the best chance of clinching the title with a round to spare.

Tableland take on second place Valiants Sports (117 points) at St Benedict’s Ground starting at 10 a.m. today and continuing tomorrow from 9:30 a.m.


Championship Division fixtures

Round 8

(All matches bowl off at 10 a.m. today)


East North East

Barataria Ball Players vs Munroe Road, Barataria Oval

UWI Cricket Club vs Fulham Sports, UWI

Explorers Sports vs Unity, Brooklyn Sangre Grande

Young Defenders vs T&T Prison, Young Defenders Ground

EYM vs UTT, EYM Ground


North Central

CLICO Preysal vs T&T Police, Inshan Ali Park

QPCC2 vs T&T Defense Force, Queen’s Park Savannah

Sweet Revenge vs Central Sports, Queen’s Park Savannah

Felicity Sports vs Couva Sports, Felicity 

Calcutta Sports vs Petrotrin, Calcutta


South Championship

Progressive vs Rousillac Utd, Progressive

MYO vs Clarke Rochard, MYO

Yorkshire Club vs Victoria, Cunjal

Valiants Sports vs Tableland, St Benedict’s Ground

Rahamut’s Evergreen SC vs Juniors, Pluck Road


Championship standings

East North East

Teams GP Pts

Munroe Road 7 138

UTT 7 116

Prisons 7 97

Barataria Ball Players 7 96

Fulham Sports 7 81

EYM 7 87

UWI Cricket Club 7 62

Young Defenders 7 62

Explorers Sports 7 52

Unity Sports 7 23


North Central

Teams GP Pts

CLICO Preysal 7 143

Petrotrin 7 116

Central Sports 7 114

QPCC 2 7 88

Felicity Sports 7 85

T&T Police Sports 7 68

Calcutta Sports 7 61

Couva Sports 7 61

Sweet Revenge 7 59

T&T Defence Force 7 45


South Championship

Teams GP Pts

Jenexcon Tableland 7 152

Valiants Sports 7 117

Victoria United 7 113

Rahamut’s Evergreen 7 112

Yorkshire Club 7 85

Clarke Rochard 7 81

Rousillac United 7 80

Progressive Sports 7 55

Juniors 7 33

MYO 7 31