Saturday, January 20, 2018

Change coming, says Tim Kee

Raymond Tim Kee, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), says constitutional change is coming to the TTFA.

Tim Kee made the announcement at the TTFA’s Congress, at the VIP Lounge of the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain, on Sunday.

In an hour-long address, Tim Kee said the time had come to change how the organisation is structured.

“Our constitution needs a serious overhauling because in many regards the structure is archaic and does not lend itself to good corporate governance or for progress,” he stated.

“It is not as all-embracing as it ought to business we have a saying ‘from the broom room to the board room’ meaning that everybody must have a say, so we have to fashion what we do if we want to sustain our business by following best practices.”

Tim Kee said the TTFA does not have to reinvent the wheel because organisations had spent millions of dollars to change management and restructure. His organisation, he explained, just has to follow that model.

Tim Kee said the constitutional reform commission is currently working on a new constitution. Without giving a specific date, he said that once the commission is done with its work, the document will be submitted to the TTFA executive.

“It is hoped we could move forward what we have now (the current constitution). We have to make best use of what we have but I know some comparatives have been done in the drafting (of the new constitution) which looked at football industry and organisations. It (the constitution) has to change, it has to change,” Tim Kee stated.

“We are looking to restructure things in a good, progressive way.”

Earlier in his address, Tim Kee said futsal and beach soccer are to be ratified, and that the TTFA, currently housed at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, is looking for a new home.

“We would love to acquire our land, which I am working on feverishly, and put up a new structure...and that is not far-fetched at all.”

Tim Kee also revealed that the TTFA is looking to hire coaches for each of the national football teams, and is seeking a new sponsor for the Super League whose contract with Anthony Harford expires at the end of February. Tim Kee said the TTFA had embarked on its grassroots programme called Shoreline that will be facilitated by the 250 coaches trained by TTFA technical director Anton Corneal last year.

On the international scene, Tim Kee said the TTFA proposes to play international friendlies overseas, and the organisation is currently working out the financial viability of such ventures that would include negotiation for broadcast rights.

He said besides the Argentina and Iran friendlies, the TTFA is working on securing three more games against opponents that “would surprise everyone”.

Tim Kee also spoke about the TTFA’s relationships with corporate T&T and the Ministry of Sport. He said both are on the mend, adding that the TTFA is on the verge of signing contracts with three companies, and now enjoys a much improved relationship with Minister of Sport Anil Roberts.

Tim Kee explained that the TTFA will keep segregated accounts and sponsorship money will be used for the purpose given.

“So no mixing up of people’s money in one account. That does not bring confidence, and the companies and the organisation have the right to request at anytime the accounts. That brings confidence.”