Saturday, February 17, 2018

Clarke takes Keep-Fit road series

Heatwave rider Phillip Clarke sprinted away with the Elite I-III category after the final Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation (TTCF) Keep Fit Road Race on Sunday in Diego Martin.

Clarke topped the overall standings in his category after five Keep Fits, with Barry Luces of RigTech Sonics second, and Gevan Samuel (The Braves) rounding out the podium finishers. Fourth was Southampton’s Urba Bourne.

Although Clarke was not in the top three in the closing event, he still had a strong enough showing to make his win official. Luces took the final race among Elite I-III ahead of Urba Bourne (Southampton) and Stephen Mangroo (The Braves).

Elite IV went to Randall Cheekes, as Slipstream Cycling Club completed the sweep of medals, with Adelino Perreira and Jonah Camps second and third respectively.

Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave) took the Open Endurance category with a win in the final installment of that race, his winning time of one minute, 02.46 seconds ensuring he was the overall champ. Team DPS took the rest of the medals through Jyme Bridges (second) and Joshua Alexander (third).

Akil Campbell (Sonics) sealed the Junior category ahead of the Madonna Wheelers duo of Kasim Charles-Walcott and Emmanuel Watson in that order.

The top ladies were Keiana Lester of Bike Smith (Seniors) and Arima Wheelers’ Dominique Lovell (Juniors).

The action will now shift back to the track, with the third TTCF Track League Keep Fit event scheduled to pedal off on Saturday at Arima Velodrome from 2 p.m. Track League Keep Fit Four is set for Sunday.

Keep Fits Five and Six will take place the following weekend. All Keep Fits will ride off at Arima Velodrome from 2 p.m. on their allotted days.

Track League Keep Fit schedule:

(Arima Velodrome)

March 15 (Saturday) – Keep Fit 3, 2 p.m.

March 16 (Sunday) – Keep Fit 4, 2 p.m.

March 22 – Keep Fit 5, 2 p.m.

March 23 – Keep Fit 6, 2 p.m.

Sunday’s Highway Criterium results:


Endurance (Winning time 1:02.46)

1. Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave) 2. Jyme Bridges (Team DPS) 3. Marc Codrington (Slipstream) 4. Joshua Alexander (Team DPS) 5. Gevan Samuel (The Braves) 6. Guy Costa (Heatwave)

Elite I, II, III

1. Barry Luces (Sonics) 3. Urba Bourne (Southampton) 3. Stephen Mangroo (The Braves)

Elite IV

1. Randall Cheekes (Slipstream) 2. Adelino Perreira (Slipstream) 3. Bronson Chapman (Team PSL)


1. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 2. Kazim Charles-Walcott (Madonna) 3. Emmanuel Watson (Madonna)



1. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 2. Cheyenne Awai (Arima Wheelers)

3. Joy Abigail John (Arima Wheelers)


1. Akil Campbell (Sonics) 2. Kasim Charles-Walcott (Madonna) 3. Emmanuel Watson (Madonna)


1. Nicholas Paul (Sonics) 2. Lorenzo Orosco (Slipstream) 3. Tyler Cole (Sonics)


1. Aaron Alleyne (Sonics) 2. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) 3. Tirik Primus (Arima Wheelers)



1. David Tardieu (Slipstream) 2. Ancil Roberts (Sonics) 3. Kerry Williams (Team PSL)


1. Michael Brown (Team PSL) 2. Ronald Crooks (Team Foundation) 3. Cyril Fook (Parkside)


1. Earl McLeod (Heatwave) 2. Godfrey Clyne (Southclaine) 3. Clyde Pollonais (Southclaine)


1. Barry Edghill (Madonna Wheelers) 2. Joey Nunes (Hummingbird) 3. Lennox Parris (Southampton)