Monday, January 22, 2018

Cosmic card on tonight

Cosmic Boxing Gym and the C.B.K.B.T Go USA/Brazil (Brazilian Confederation of Traditional Kickboxing) will host a ten-bout card this evening at the Cosmic Boxing Gym, 149 St James Street, Battoo Avenue, Marabella. from, 8 p.m.

Five clubs and gyms will take part in the event as the organisations attempt to revive the sport of kickboxing locally.

They are Peaceful Warriors, No Limit Martial Arts, Cosmic Boxing Gym, Tasmanian Bulldogs, Mikes Academy.

Of the ten bouts, four bouts have already been sanctioned. The main organisers are Rodney Ramlal director in Trinidad and Tobago and Rebecca Bhola assistant director and national amateur kickboxing champion.

The official weigh-in took place at the Cosmic Gym.