Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Costelloe is 1st national mountain bike champ


TIME TRIAL CHAMP: Rishi Ramlalack

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The first Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation (TTCF) sanctioned National Mountain Bike Championships were held on Sunday at The Arboretum Chaguaramas with Team Beacon's Jason Costelloe edging Rishi Ramlalack for the Men's Open title.

Costelloe and Ramlalack had the same time of 48 minutes, 19.6 seconds in the Open category, with Costelloe just holding off Ramlalack at the finish line in the three-lap event.

Though he just missed out on the Open title, Ramlalack did manage to win the one-lap time trial in a time of 13:19 seconds, more than a minute faster than Costelloe who was third in the time trial in 14:21.

National junior cyclist Rudy Ashton of Subway Slipstream was second in the time trial and third in the Open category.

Maria Gooding of Rainbow Warriors, who was crowned Ladies Open champion, finished the two-lap women's race in a time of 38:39.5.


Time Trial (1 lap)

1. Rishi Ramlalack--13:19

2. Rudy Ashton (Subway Slipstream)--13:31

3. Jason Costelloe (Team Beacon)--14:21

4. Brent Edmund (Team Xterra)--14:24

5. Christopher Smith (Subway Slipstream)--14:30

6. David Hackshaw (Subway Slipstream)--14:32

7. Christian Hospedales (Northern Rangers)--14:56

8. Ryan Abraham (Northern Rangers)--14:59

9. Jason Gooding (Rainbow Warriors)--15:15

10. Anthony Shaw (Northern Rangers)--15:16

11. Michael Bernard (Northern Rangers)--15:30

12. David Alves (Heatwave)--15:34

13. Marlon Winter-Roach (Team Nova Tobago)--16:05

14. Peter Sellier (Northern Rangers)--16:13

15. Michael Phillips (Mike's Bikes)--16:13

Open (3 laps)

1. Jason Costelloe (Team Beacon)--48:19.6

2. Rishi Ramlalack (Mike's Bikes)--48:19.6

3. Rudy Ashton (Subway Slipstream)--49:32.9

4. Brent Edmund (Team Xterra)--50:56.5

5. Jason Gooding (Rainbow Warriors)--53:04.3

Vet 40+ (3 laps)

1. Ryan Abraham (Northern Rangers)--54:48.8

2. Christian Hospedales (Northern Rangers)--55:19.9

3. Michael Phillips (Mike's Bikes)--55:57.8

Ladies Open (2 laps)

1. Maria Gooding (Rainbow Warriors)--38:39.5

Juveniles (2 laps)

Jonathan Sellier (Northern Rangers)--44:07.7

Tinymites (2 laps)

Peter Sellier (Northern Rangers)--38:32.9

Male 50+ (2 laps)

David Hackshaw (Subway Slipstream)--34:18.2

Boys Under-13

Andrew Darwent (Northern Rangers)

Boys Under-11

Darren Rostant (Northern Rangers)

Boys Under-9

Jean-Luc James-Smith

Girls Under-9

Isabel De Abreu