Friday, December 15, 2017

Cricket season starts despite legal threat

The Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) will be proceeding with the start of the 2013 domestic cricket season today despite the looming threat of legal action by W Connection Wanderers.

The TTCB received a pre action protocol letter from Wanderers on Thursday. The Board was given 24 hours to respond and according to TTCB officials, they have responded to the letter and cricket is still on for the weekend.

The letter comes on the heels of an ongoing off-the-field dispute between W Connection Wanderers and Alescon Comets which reached as far as arbitration. Comets, who finished the 2012 season in the regulation zone, had protested the result of their abandoned fixture against Wanderers at Gilbert Park, California.

Originally, the TTCB's disciplinary committee ruled in Comets' favour and awarded them 24 points, which pushed them to safety in eighth place on the 12-team standings.

Wanderers in turn appealed the decision and a TTCB tribunal overturned the original ruling of the disciplinary committee, stripping Comets of the points. The matter went to arbitration and Justice Vasheist Kokaram ruled in Comets' favour, overturning the Tribunal's ruling.

Now Wanderers want to take the matter to the courts.

According to TTCB executive member Dr Allen Sammy, the Board received the letter and responded to it within the 24-hour period. He also said that Wanderers had been advised that the TTCB will be seeking legal advice on the matter before making any decisions.

"It now has to go to our lawyers," Sammy told the Express yesterday, insisting that the TTCB are always open to having discussions with clubs to resolve any issue that might arise.

The season opens today with the Sunday League 50-overs competition bowling off at Kennedy Park, Diamond Village, in South Trinidad, with newly promoted F&E Diamond United hosting defending champions Queen's Park Cricket Club in Group A.