Wednesday, January 24, 2018

De Freitas now racing fast bikes

 Nadine De Freitas, 52, daughter of trainer and former champion jockey, Ed De Freitas, and former WITCO Sports woman of the year, has moved on from galloping horses on the racetrack to riding fast motorcycles. 

She says that this need for speed was the result of her father having motorcycles from the time she was born.

“I always loved motorbikes and would beg anyone who had one to let me have a ride on it. It was not until I came home in 1985 for a year between undergrad and grad school that I was able to finally have my own bike, a Yamaha 175 enduro. My mother, Rosemarie, was dead set against it, but I couldn’t afford a car, and the bike was easy to get around on and cheap to run,” she said, and added that, “I’ve always had bikes since then. My boyfriend, Paul Runion, works for the AMA Latus Motors Race Team so I have the best mechanic in the USA to look after my own motorcycles.

De Freitas, who now lives in Florida, will be returning to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to attempt to break two AMA (American Motorcycle Association) national records for Royal Enfield on their 500cc Continental GT motorcycle. 

The current records in the modified push rod 500cc engine class are 151 kmph for a bike with a fairing, and 168 kmph for an unfaired motorcycle. Both bikes are modified for this attempt by Matt Capri of South Bay Triumph.

This is De Freitas’ third year riding at the famous Salt flats. Last year she rode another fast bike for Matt Capri, a modified 1900cc Triumph Thunderbird Storm, to a top speed of 235 kmph.