Wednesday, February 21, 2018

EFA football kicks off tomorrow

 The 2014 season of the Eastern Football Association will kick off tomorrow with the featured clash being a Premier Division match between SKHY FC and Malta Carib Alcons carded for 5 p.m. at Squadron ground, Arouca.

Action in the First Division begins on Sunday where four matches are scheduled. 



SKHY FC vs Malta Carib Alcons, Squadron ground, 5 p.m.

Boss FC vs House of Dread, Morvant, 5 p.m.

WASA vs T&T Prisons, WASA, 5 p.m.

Valtrin United vs Carib FC, NUGFW, 5 p.m.


FC Maloney vs BM Spurs, Maloney 5 p.m. 


Barataria Ball Players vs Crompton FC, Lower Sixth Ave, 5 p.m.

Eastern Alliance vs FCM Supreme, Prime Min’s ground, 5 p.m.

Joe Public FC vs T&T Airguard, Marvin Lee, 4 p.m.

FC Elements vs Vorstelijke, Malick ground, 4 p.m.