Monday, February 19, 2018

Exciting finish to ‘Njisane’ Festival



Mark Fraser

The international competition was stiff when the curtain closed on the Njisane Three-Day Cycling Festival at Skinner Park, San Fernando on Sunday night. The third and final night sped off with victory for Team Red rider Keron Bramble, who followed up his sprint victory over T&T’s top sprinter and Festival organiser Njisane Phillip on Saturday night with a triumph over seven laps.

The winning time clocked by the RigTech Sonics regular was three minutes, 28.78 seconds. He edged sprint final winner Tomas Babek of Czech Republic/Team Black into second, while Bramble’s Team Red teammate Phillip took third. The grueling 40-lap race went to O’Neil Samuels of The Braves, and he beat teammate Dario Pagliaricci and Darren Matthews (Barbados/Team Green) into second and third respectively.

Varun Maharaj was unable to add to his elimination wins on the first two days, finishing one spot off the podium this time. Adam Alexander won that event, ahead Marloe Rodman (Jamaica/Team Blue) and Matthews in that order. 

Babek could not be stopped over five laps, and he also finished up in style by snatching the closing 30-lapper over Bramble (second) and Rodman (third).

The women’s competition also saw a fierce rivalry over the three days, and Laurie Berton (France), who swept the three events on opening night, had to share the honours with Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland) and Hayley Edwards (UK).

Wojtyra started the evening with victory over four laps, and closed the night with a ten-lap victory. In between Berton took the nine-lap race, finished runner-up to Edwards in the elimination, and then return to the top of the podium in the seven-lap contest.

Sunday’s N3DCF Results:


7 Laps  (3:28.78)

1. Keron Bramble (T&T/Team Red) 2. Tomas Babek (Czech Republic/Team Black) 3. Njisane Phillip (T&T/Team Red)

40 Laps (22:08.04)

1. O’Neil Samuels (The Braves) 2. Dario Pagliaricci (The Braves) 3. Darren Matthews (Barbados/Team Green)


1. Adam Alexander (T&T/Team Green) 2. Marloe Rodman (Jamaica/Team Blue) 3. Darren Matthews (Barbados/Team Green)

5 Laps (2:29.72)

1. Tomas Babek (Czech Republic/Team Black) 2. Diego Pena (Colombia/ Team Black) 3. Keron Bramble (T&T/Team Red)

 30 Laps (points race)

1. Tomas Babek (Czech Republic/Team Black; 13 pts) 2. Keron Bramble (T&T/Team Red; 8                                                                                                               pts) 3. Marloe Rodman (Jamaica/Team Blue; 8 points)


4 Laps  (2:18.95) 

1. Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland) 2. Danielia Gaxiloa (Mexico) 3. Aziza Browne (Arima Wheelers)

9 Laps (6:04.68)

1. Laurie Berton (France) 2. Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland) 3. Daniela Gaxiola (Mexico)


1. Hayley Edwards (UK) 2. Laurie Berton (France) 3. Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)

7 Laps (4:33.81)

1. Laurie Berton (France) 2. Daniela Gaxiola (Mexico) 3. Jennifer Davis (Scotland)

10 Laps

1. Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland) 2. Daniela Gaxiola (Mexico) 3. Jennifer Davis (Scotland)



3 Lap  (1:44.39) (40-49)

1. Roger Smart (Madonna) 2. Ivan Puckering (Barbados) 3. Ancil Roberts (Sonics) 

3 Lap (1:41.92) (50-59)

1. Wayne Samuel (Southclaine) 2. Cyril Fook (Parkside) 3. Joel Browne (Arima Wheelers) 

2 Laps (1:10.05) (60-69)

1. Clyde Pollonais (Southclaine) 2. Harideva La Fond (Unattached) 3. Pat Nelson (The Braves)

 2 Laps (1:20.33) (70+)

1. Lennox Parris (Southampton) 2. Joey Nunes (Hummingbird) 3. Barry Edghill (Madonna)

Elimination (40-49)

1. Roger Smart (Madonna) 2. Christopher Gill (Heatwave) 3. Ivan Puckering (Team G4S)

5 Laps (3:00.38) (50-59)

1. Robin Samuel (The Braves) 2. Wayne Samuel (Southclaine) 3. Cyril Fook (Parkside)

4 Laps (2:27.56) (60-69)

1. Clyde Pollonais (Southclaine) 2. Pat Nelson (The Braves) 3. Haridiva La Fond (Unattached)

1 Lap (34:50) (70+)

 1. Earl Henry (USA) 2. Barry Edghill (Madonna) 3. Joey Nunes (Hummingbird)



6 Laps Win & Out  (3:13.21) (Elite I, II)

1. Dario Pagliarici (The Braves) 2. Phillip Clarke (Heatwave) 3. Javed Mounter (Sonics) 

5 Laps (1:15.04) (Elite IV)

1. Brent Mitchell (Petrotrin) 2. Kamau Reece (Petrotrin) 3. Marlon Joseph (Hummingbird)

5 Laps Win & Out (Elite III)

1. Oludare Marcelle (Madonna Wheelers) 2. Nicholas Lopez (Madonna Wheelers) 3. Cowen Thomas (Sonics)

5 Laps (2:36.75) (Elite I, II)

1. Jamol Eastmond (Heatwave) 2. Javed Mounter (Sonics) 3. Dario Pagliaricci (The Braves)

3 Laps (Elite III)

1. Murvin Arumjo (Team Foundation) 2. Nicholas Lopez (Madonna) 3. Andy Rawlins (Sonics)

3 Laps (Elite IV)

1. Kuman Reece (Petrotrin) 2. Brent Mitchell (Petrotrin) 3. Marlon Joseph (Hummingbird)

15 laps (8:01.14) (Elite I, II, III & Juniors)

1. James Hadeed (Heatwave) 2. Peter Thompson (The Braves) 3. Javed Mounter (Sonics)



3 Laps (1:35.24) (Tinymites)

1. Chenelle Walcott (Bike Smith) 2. Adriana Seyjagat (Arima Wheelers)

2 Laps (1:36.07) (Tinymites)

1. Chenelle Walcott (Bike Smith) 2. Ashley Whiteman (Sonics) 3. Adrianna Seyjagat (Arima Wheelers)

3 Laps (1:35.24) (Juveniles)

1. Jhordan St George (Slipstream) 2. Dominique Lovell (Arima Wheelers)

2 Laps (Juveniles)

1. Jhordan St George (Slipstream) 2. Dominique Lovell (Arima Wheelers)

3 Laps (1:14.72) (Juniors)

1. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 2. Joy Abigail John (Arima Wheelers) 3. Kollyn St George (Slipstream)

2 Laps (1:20.12) (Juniors)

1. Keiana Lester (Bike Smith) 2. Tenille Campbell (Sonics) 3. Joy Abigail John (Arima Wheelers)



 4 Laps Win & Out (3:03.17)

1. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) 2. Luke Staffner (Barbados) 3. Justin Baptiste (Slipstream)


1. Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) 2. Dean Woodsley (Petrotrin) 3. Justin Baptiste (Slipstream)



5 Laps (3:03.72)

 1. Tyler Cole (Sonics) 2. Jacob Kelly (Sonics) 3. Brandon Gittens (Sonics)


1. Tyler Cole (Sonics) 2. Tremaine Catwell (Barbados) 3. Jacob Kelly (Sonics)



6 Laps 3:14.46

1. Edwin Sutherland (Barbados) 2. Liam Lovell (Barbados) 3. Sei Daniel (Arima Wheelers)


1. Edwin Sutherland (Barbados) 2. Liam Lovell (Barbados) 3. Joshua Kelly (Sonics)